LoveWorks Women's Retreat 

Love Your Body. Listen to Your Heart. Live Your Soul's Desire.

A retreat in gorgeous nature to reconnect you with your body, heart and soul.  

We are pretty hard on ourselves. 

We judge ourselves for not being perfect, for not being beautiful enough, young enough, healthy enough, rich enough, loving enough. We put other people's needs and desires ahead of our own more than we care to admit. And we think we should work harder to get ahead - whatever that means.  

We don't allow ourselves to just relax and have fun. We don't induge in loving our bodies as they are, in enjoying the delciousness of being alive, in listening to the whispers of our heart urging us to love, express, risk, and be.

We long to fully open to LIFE, to joyously dance through our days fully expressed, free, unabashedly connected to our beauty and power. We long to live a life of no regrets. 

In this weekend you will learn how to:

  • Listen to the messages of your body and heart
  • Fall in love with yourSELF
  • Explore your heart’s desire and life purpose
  • Experience self-care as spiritual practice
  • Tap into the gifts of self-compassion and self-acceptance
  • Relax and connect with your needs and desires
  • Slow down and listen to the inner guidance of Spirit
  • Eternally fuel yourself from the inside out
  • Explore and release hidden blocks
  • Eliminate victim, excuses and blame
  • Claim your feminine power and purpose
  • Leverage the eternal support of the non-physical realm  


With expert guidance, you will be supported in a group of loving women to drop down and listen to your heart, to tap into the loving gifts of your body, to replace negative beliefs and stories that have kept you stuck with uplifting, inspiring ones. You will unlock your power and possibility for living a fulfilled joyous life with an open giving heart!

Through unique interactive exercises, Spirit Voice sessions, guided visualization, movement, song, and more, you will discover a brand new place from which to eternally source yourself with love, aliveness, power and passion, so you can be a joyous magnet for all you desire to come to you!  

If you are ready to courageously take your life to the next level of greatness, while nourishing yourself with other women in a relaxing, loving environment, then this retreat is for YOU!

About Your Facilitator, Sonika Tinker

An absolute master coach and workshop creator, Sonika Tinker has been supporting women for more than 35 years. She has developed an incisive ability to see through your "garbage" and take you straight to the powerful, Full Potential woman inside of you, just waiting to come out and play! 

Sonika Tinker, MSW, is a Certified Mediator, Certified Enneagram Teacher, Certified NLP Professional, Author, Speaker, Trainer, and Coach. She has designed and led hundreds of live workshops on relationhip, intimacy, communication, sexuality, and female empowerment. She has had a private coaching practice for 35 years, supporting women to fnd their joy, their voice, and their deep value. 

A Rejuvenating Retreat In Gorgeous Nature

In the Sierra Foothills Meadow Vista is a tranquil, yet easily accesible getaway in nature. Take a walk in nature, enjoy a hot tub, observe the wildlife, listen to the birds.  

Cozy We will meet in a private home with wood stove, comfy beds, fluffy towels and organic home cooked meals! You'll be cozy, toasty, and well-fed:)

Registration and Details

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