Why Am I Still Single?

Why Am I Still Single?

20 Reasons Why Dates Don’t Work


From: Sonika & Christian at LoveWorksforYou
Date: January 3, 2013
Reason why dates don’t work!

Hi Friends,

Are you sick of being single?

Do you dread dating?

Do you just want to find a relationship already?

In case you didn’t know, the dating scene doesn’t work.

You are set up to fail before you even show up! That’s why joining another online dating site, or learning another “bullet-proof” dating technique, doesn’t take care of you and get you what you want.

That’s why you feel awkward, stifled and rehearsed in most dating situations. That’s why you are eager for them to end almost before they begin.

That’s why you often leave feeling disillusioned, resigned, and hopeless.

And that’s why you are not in a relationship already!

See if you relate to these three scenarios:

1. When you go on a date, you go to “just to check it out” (which means, just to check HIM or HER out!)

2. You put on your “best face” on and try to show yourself from your most attractive, casual, put-together side?

3. You wonder whether this person is “relationship material”?

Actually, you normally know within 2 minutes!

We know, that sounds totally normal, doesn’t it? Don’t we all do that?

Yeah, we do, and that’s why so many of us don’t have very satisfying dating experiences, and ultimately, don’t create the relationship we dream of.

What is news to most people is that approaching dating from that standpoint sets you up to fail. It sets the perfect stage for NOT relationship! It’s like, if you tried to come up with a way to date that would MAKE SURE you didn’t create relationship, these three would be part of the blueprint!

What is also news to most, is that you can ABSOLUTELY create fantastic dating experiences for yourself, NO MATTER WHO you’re dating. You can have nurturing, fun, empowering dates, where you both leave feeling inspired, expanded, filled-up and grateful.

Can you imagine going on dates with the confident knowledge that it’ll be GREAT, even before you go!? Can you imagine knowing that you’re about to make a difference for the person you’re about to meet; that you’ll leave feeling empowered and inspired?

Can you imagine….?

The whole “dating thing” has been turned completely on it’s head, so that we’re actually preventing relationship from happening all the while we’re wanting to create a fabulous relationship. It’s just crazy.

When you find out the 20 reasons why dates don’t work, it will make total sense to you why you are not creating the relationship you desire.

Let’s assure you right now that it is NOT because you’re somehow “flawed” or “messed-up”. And it’s certainly NOT because there aren’t enough fantastic men out there, or fabulous women! (If anyone ever tells you that, flat-out refuse to agree with it!)

We know, because we’ve trained so many singles who started out saying there weren’t any good men or women out there, and then proved it wrong by creating amazing relationships with amazing people!

Why Am I Still Single? is the place to get started changing your entire outlook on dating and the dating process. Once you’ve listened to the 2 CD’s, you’ll probably draw a huge sigh of relief and go “Oh, that makes SO much sense!” And best of all, you’ll have hope again!

Why Am I Still Single? gives you a clear picture of what is really going on in the dating world and it opens up the real possibility of finally creating fun-filled, nurturing, meaningful dating and a sweet, deep relationship!

In Why Am I Still Single?, we have for the first time put together in one place all the reasons the traditional dating scene doesn’t get you what you want. From supporting hundreds of singles to break through to relationship (and from having dated quite a bit ourselves:-), we have found these 20 reasons to be the common ones that almost every single person experiences.

Here’s what some of our single students have said:

“What I learned is already having an amazing impact on the quality of my relationships. I am experiencing a tremendous shift because of the insight I gained…” Christina

And Kimberly just sent us this (Kimberly came to us after recent divorce):

“I hope all is well with you and Christian! I took my new boyfriend, Mickey, to the Bay Area for him to meet my family. We had a wonderful time! He is just the kind of guy I’ve been looking for. He’s a large, strong man that is also warm, sensitive and generous. We have the same values and enjoy many of the same foods. Thanks to your program and realigning my beliefs, that’s how we were able to find each other. Our communication is very open and honest, and I use many of the skills I learned from you to enhance our relationship. I am so grateful to both you and Christian for the work you do. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

The only reason dating sometimes seems hopeless is you’ve learned an unproductive way to go about it. Or, more likely, you never actually deliberately learned about it, you just threw yourself headfirst into it, and you got what you got, right?

Well, no more of that. With Why Am I Still Single, it’ll dawn on you why you haven’t produced the dating experiences you want.

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Love to you,

Sonika & Christian