Wedding Officiation

We Can Marry You!

It is our aim to assist couples in designing a unique, creative and personal wedding ceremony that reflects their beliefs and values, and includes rituals of significance to them as well as any family traditions or customs from their heritage that are meaningful to them. We perform weddings that are religious, nondenominational, interfaith, secular and spiritual according to the wishes of the couple.

We are ordained ministers through the Universal Live Church, Modesto, CA, Sonika Tinker since November 2008 and Christian since July 2013. We have performed ceremonies together as a couple, and individually for those who prefer one minister.

Our services include helping you articulate your vision for your wedding ceremony. We have compiled a variety of readings, songs and vows that you can peruse to help elicit and inspire creative ideas for your own special ceremony. We can accomplish this by meeting before the ceremony, either in person or by telephone or Skype. Rest assured, together we will design a ceremony that takes care of your desires and concerns.

If you wish, you can include your family and friends in your ceremony in a variety of ways: they might read a poem or quote that is meaningful to you, or share in the lighting of candles or the giving of flowers. If there are children involved in your lives, allowing them to feel included in your wedding day and your future together is important. You may want to include well wishes from special friends and family. The length, quality and participation of your ceremony are entirely up to you.

Choosing live or recorded music that is meaningful to you as a couple is an option. Deciding how you will record your ceremony with video or photos and guest books is important. There are many magazines and websites that can help you plan venues, dress, flowers and menus for your special day. You may wish to hire a wedding planner to assist you.

Marriage License:

It is recommended in the state of California that you apply for your marriage license from the county clerk at least one month prior to the date of your wedding. Both of you will need to be present with proof of your identities and ages. In the case of any previous marriages, you must also show proof that you are no longer legally married. In the state of California blood tests are not required. For more information, go to the California Marriage License, Registration and Ceremony Information (

Gay Marriages:

Gay and lesbian marriages are legal in California as of June, 2013! (Gay marriages are currently legal in 14 states: California, New Jersey, Delaware, Minnesota, New York, Rhode Island, Maine, Maryland, Washington, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Iowa.) We are happy to help you create a meaningful commitment ceremony for you and your beloved to be celebrated in front of, and designed to include, your community. If you are planning to have a commitment ceremony and are registering as domestic partners in lieu of legal marriage, you can bring your paperwork to the ceremony and we would be happy to incorporate the signing of your Declaration of Domestic Partnership ( into your commitment ceremony. For more information go to (

  1. Pre-wedding meetings
  2. Pre-wedding rehearsal
  3. A unique and personalized ceremony
  4. Finalizing the mailing of your marriage license


Starting at $500, final fee depending on arrangement. Plus travel expenses and lodging, if necessary.

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