Live Presentation: Valentines Day Every Day

Stay in Love: Valentine’s Day Every Day!
Free Live Evening w/ Sonika & Christian
Grass Valley, Feb 13, 7-9:30pm

Who hasn’t had the clammy realization that your relationship is not what it used to be?

V-Day-Couple_Depositphotos_31738547_sSome day, it dawns on you that the spark has fizzled, the hot passion has turnedlukewarm, and the loving smiles have withered on the vine!

What is up with that, anyway!?

You know there’s still love, but you just don’t FEEL it!

Then there are days like Valentines Day.

In best case, you revive the romance, mystery, and sizzle for a night!

Worst case, you “do your duty” and buy flower or whatever, and go out to dinner.
Only to return to feeling “blah” the day after!

This free evening is designed to give you hope! Not fairytale hope you can’t believe in. Realistic hope that’s grounded in solid knowledge and skills.

So you can:

  • Revive magic and mystery
  • Sustain your sweet love (as in “Forever!”)
  • Make each other laugh and giggle
  • Have V-Day be every day! (or at least a lot more than once a year!)

It’s totally free, and you’ll be in a safe group with other good people.
You never have to air your dirty laundry, or be put on the spot.
This evening is about Love and how to get it back and keep it, not about confrontation or daring stunts.

We take good care of you!

And please bring your partner or a friend!

Reserve your seat in the form below. Once you do, we’ll send you an email with all the details.