Are You Fighting With Your Ex About Kids? 


The worst part of divorce is fighting with your ex over the kids.  

I mean, we got divorced for a reason, right?  

But we still have to co-parent together, make decisions about school, medical, dental, finances, schedules, screen time, homework, curfews, chores, pets, etc.  

How do we do that with someone we can't get along with?

How do we do that with someone who broke our heart, or with someone we don't like or trust anymore, or with someone who makes horrible parenting choices?

How do we adjust to include step-parents - how do we make it okay to have someone we don't even know raise our children?  

I know all too well the challenges of divorce. I have been through the pain of a life not going as I expected, the grief of losing my children half-time, and the anguish of dealing with conflicting values and desires in lifelong co-parenting decisions. 

I have witnessed the convoluted confusion in my children when put in the middle of our differences and held resentments. 

I have watched my children live out of suitcases as they go from one house to the other, torn when having to choose who they will spend Thanksgiving with.  

Not only have I gone through divorce myself, but in my over 35 years of coaching men and women, I have witnessed countless divorces of all varieties. 

I have seen "good" divorces where ex's remain good friends who work beautifully together to create the most harmonious divorce possible. 

And I have seen awful, contentious divorces, where adults cannot be in the same room with each other without spewing hatred, parents who spend years in court battles that go nowhere. 

Most of us are somewhere in the middle, doing what we can to make the best of an untenable situation.  

This Thursday, I am offering a free call on how to better navigate the challenges of divorce. 

It's about turning this experience into a story where you come out victorious instead of victimzed, powerful instead of collapsed, and with peace in your heart instead of anger. 

It's about how to best take care of your children, to use whatever your situation is as the best training environment for turning out loving, conscious young adults.  

This call if for women, men, straight, gay, recently divorced, long-time divorced, separated, or thinking about divorce.

I hope you'll join me on this free call. 

Blessings, Sonika Tinker

What: Free Conference Call To Help You Better Navigate The Challenges Of Being Divorced With Children

When: Thursday, February 15 at 6:30PM PT

Where: Zoom Conference (join by phone or video)

Why: Because this is tricky territory at best. And because you need support. No one comes through this alone!

This call is for you if...

  • You fight with your ex about kids
  • You feel alone with having to deal with everything
  • You feel resentful with your ex and struggle with co-parenting issues
  • You feel heart-broken that you don't get to see your kids all the time 
  • You feel incomplete with your divorce and unable to move on
  • You feel overwhelmed with how many decisions are on YOU now 
  • You want support to feel happy, empowered and whole again


What: Support Call To Help You Better Navigate The Challenges Of Being Divorced

When: February 15 at 6:30PM PT

Where: Zoom conference call (join by phone or video)

Why: Because you need support. No one comes through this alone!

On a personal note ... 

When my marriage ended, I was in denial for a while before it hit me that everything was up to me now! Everything! All of a sudden I had to figure out how to keep my house by myself and how to make enough money on my own. Scary as that was, that wasn't even the worst. The hardest part, that tore me apart for a long time, was my kids. 

From one day to the next, I could only be with them half the time. It was like having an organ removed from my body, every fiber in my body felt wrong about it. They had filled my heart and my time so much that when half of that was suddenly removed, I hardly knew who I was without them. And even when I felt more stable in myself, I still had to deal endlessly with my ex. Every time we in some parking lot to exhange kids, the break-up of my family, of my dream, was put right back in my face.

Over time, I used every bit of transformational coaching I'd been teaching for years. And I turned it around to a story of victory, a story where I came out on top, feeling empowered and loving again. 

I absolutely know you can do this too! 

So... are you in?

Sonika has been coaching women and men for more than 35 years. She has helped thousands to find their power, explode their self-worth and create deeply fulfilling lives and relationships.  

Sonika Tinker, MSW, is a relationship specialist, business owner, Certified Mediator, Certified Enneagram Teacher, Certified NLP Professional, co-author of Seize Your Opportunities and The Good Divorce and is the Founder of LoveWorks at, a relationship and life skills training company.