Live Presentation: The Relationship Fix

The Relationship Fix: Getting Love Right!
Live Evening w/ Sonika & Christian,
Wednesday, April 23, Sacramento, 7-9:30pm

It started out great, right?

Your love was deep, the relationship was easy, the fun was plenty and you spent lots of quality hours together. Good times were had by all!

And boy! Wouldn’t it be so nice if it could be like that again?Beautiful mature woman hugging her husband with love

Except, it’s not! It’s not easy anymore, nor very much fun. You don’t get to spend all the quality time together you want … or maybe you don’t even want to anymore!

It’s like you had this great workable relationship, and then somehow, something broke!

And you don’t know how to fix it …

You try your best to fix it, of course. You try to talk about it, you try to work it out, but somehow you just end up having the same dead-end conversations over and over again.

It’s a safe bet, that if you haven’t fixed it by now using whichever tools you have (or don’t have), it won’t be fixed with those tools!

Listen, we know how trying it is when you can’t fix your relationship. It’s just hard. You want so badly for it to be loving, easy, and harmonious.

Come join us for a fun, interactive evening that will give you lots of hope and steps to start doing some workable “fixes”.

(And speaking about “broken” and “fixing”, we’ll give you the hint up front that there’s nothing wrong with you, your partner, or your relationship. But there probably is something wrong with how you’re DOING it!)

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • How to start feeling better, right now!
  • How to create a mood where fixing is even possible
  • Valuable steps to fix your relationship
  • Deepen your intimacy and connection in just one evening!

This evening is free**, and you’ll be in a safe group with other good people.
You never have to air your dirty laundry or be put on the spot.
This evening is about mending your love and relationship, not about confrontation or daring stunts.

We take good care of you!

And please bring your partner and a friend!

For singles and couples.

Reserve your seat in the form below. When you do, we’ll send you an email with the details. (If you don’t get it, check your spam/junk/promotions folder).

** This evening is free for first-time guests and members of LoveWorks’ Mastery Program. For all others, admission is $20