The Possibility Of Sex

The Possibility of Sex

Taking Sex to New Heights!

Abraham, spiritual Law-of-Attraction teachers, were once asked what they believed was THE most exquisite experience we humans could have on Earth. They said without hesitation: Sex!

Yet, we all know that sex can be the most painful, embarrassing, hurtful experience in our entire relationship history, and because so many of us have had less-than-wonderful sexual experiences, our current sexlife is colored by our past.

Sexual energy is the force of Life! It’s the force with which you create and express yourself. If you’re not freely and fully expressed sexually, you’re probably also having trouble feeling powerful and successful in other areas of your life.

Most couples, once the horny hornymoon days are past, find themselves in a sexual rut, where their sexual interactions are either boring, predictable, forced, or simply non-existent (true for singles too, except with varying partners).

If you find yourself justifying your lack of sexual satisfaction, making cynical jokes to yourself, or thinking things like …

“Aw, it’s alright, I don’t need that much sex …”
“What’s the big deal anyway – it’s only 3 minutes every week … “
“Sex is overrated anyways! …”
“It’s not THAT important … and besides, we still love each other …”

Then we’d like to tell you to STOP IT! You’re kidding yourself!

Unless you’ve conciously taken a vow of celibacy, it’s a huge problem if you don’t have frequent, intimate, heart-open, passionate sex!

And it’s not just the intercourse portion of sex we’re talking about. We humans thrive on touch and physical affection, and if it’s lacking between you, there’s a very sharp limit to how deep you’ll ever go in your relationship!

We’d like to invite you to blast open your idea of what’s possible in sex. We promise you that by the time you’ve taken this training, you’ll be going, “WOW! I had NO idea!”

We had one younger couple attend The Possibility of Sex. They loved each other dearly, they treated each other with the utmost respect and loyalty … and their sexlife was non-existent!

They told themselves, and us, that “they just didn’t go there”, and that, “we just don’t feel IT”, but that it was “OK, we still love each other”.

Hogwash! Turned out they really wanted it, but were terrified to examine that part of their relationship and terrified to admit that they weren’t “turned on” by one another.

By Sunday morning of the training, when we had showed them how to CREATE the spark, that electric “IT”- feeling, the man said, “I’m not sure we’ll make it to the car!”

Sexual energy, spark, electricity, tingling in your whole body, arousal can be generated at will, anytime. These feelings aren’t just “there” or “not there” all by themselves. And at the end of The Possiblity of Sex, you’ll be able to generate that spark whenever you like!

You will also have enough sexual inspiration to keep you experimenting for years!

One more thing:

No matter where you are in your sex life, you will get value from this course! You may have sex twice a day and just want it to be more intimate and varied. If that is the case, you will learn some GREAT new tools for profoundly deepening intimacy and pleasure. Or maybe you haven’t touched each other for ten years and have no idea how to start up again. Not to worry. We will show you how start gently, and fully clothed, in a completely safe manner to reintroduce intimate touch into your relationship.

One couple who came to the training had been married for 20-some years. Their physical intimacy had withered a long time ago. They didn’t feel ready to jump right into sex, so we showed them how to start from where they were. They are now, in their own words, “addicted to our pleasure sessions”, and their physical intimacy is safely deepening week by week.

Specific tools and topics include …

  • How to generate spark from scratch whenever you want
  • Tools for keeping sex alive on a regular basis
  • Creating a safe sacred environment for sex and intimacy
  • Making sex fun
  • Safely practice honesty and full self expression in sex
  • Breaking through limited ideas and thoughts about sex (letting go of all the nonsense in your head)
  • Controlling ejaculation (crucial skill for men)
  • Orgasms: vaginal, clitoral, multiple, ejaculatory
  • Varied practical ways to increase pleasure
  • Specific strokes and touch techniques
  • How to initiate sex in a way that works
  • And lots more juicy stuff …

In this workshop, you will begin to unravel the crazy sex messages that prevent you from being your authentic self in sex, and discover a fun, new way to express yourself uncensored in lovemaking – either alone or with a partner. You will learn what it means to take full responsibility for your sexual pleasure and release yourself from the burden of reading minds. You will shift from “getting” or “performing” and “achieving a goal” to being present to pleasure and energy flow in the moment. You will re-claim your body, your right to sexual pleasure and full self- expression.

Note: This course includes no nudity or sex, though sexually explicit educational videos may be shown.

“We came home and made love for several hours.

After a 10-year dry spell we’re finally back on track and all excited about having love in our life again and OMG, not only that, we’re just thrilled with our lives!”

Silvia & Bill

Prerequisite for attending The Possibility of Sex is you must have attended Give Yourself to Love and be a member.

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