The Energy Dance

The Energy Dance
Advanced 2-Day Relationship Training

Dancing can be flowing, fun and invigorating! Or dancing can be incredibly frustrating, dull and disappointing. The quality of the dance all depends on the skill of the dancers to lead and follow.

In relationship, the coordinated dance between the masculine and feminine is crucial to creating spark and connection in relationship. Without it, relationship is unfulfilling and frustrating.

David Deida once said: “Unsurrended women attract unpresent men!” (And vice versa.) Think about it.

In most relationships, women don’t feel safe and trusting enough to surrender, they don’t feel “held” and tended to. When women don’t feel safe to surrender and open to love, they take on the masculine role of taking care of everything themselves. Men on the other hand have the experience that they just can’t win, no matter what they do. They are trying so hard to be nice and appropriate, that they give up taking the lead and actually back off from their partner out of courtesy.

As you can probably see, when a man backs away, the woman steps forward, and when a woman steps forward, the man backs away. In effect, no one is leading and no one is following. There is no chemistry, no charge,no invigorating dance. It is a setup for failure.

In your own relationship (or your previous one), can you recognize the situation where one of you (often, but not always, the woman) wants MORE – more intimacy, more togetherness, more connection?

And the other one (often, but not always, the man) is pulling away, trying to get some space and have more freedom?

These are stereotypes, sure, but we see them in hundreds and hundreds of relationships … yours, too?

This is the result of an ineffective dance between the masculine and feminine in relationship. Change the dynamic of the dance, and you change your relationship!

In the beginning of your relationship, you probably had the experience of the exquisite energetic dance. Perhaps you could literally feel electric sparks between you – when you felt swept off your feet by him or when she pulled you into her with the sheer magnetism of her feminine beauty.Like an Argentinian tango.,/p>

But if you are like most, chances are it doesn’t feel like that anymore.

In The Energy Dance, you will learn how to “tango” like you did in the beginning of your relationship.

Women will discover what it means, and what it takes, to powerfully surrender in love to your man. Women will learn how to call your man to presence, and how to reinforce self-confidence in his masculinity.

Men will learn how to energetically and physically hold your woman, to be totally and powerfully present with her. Men will learn how to quickly “tame her tiger” when she is angry or hurt, and how easy it is to fully satisfy a woman just by being yourself.

Women will discover how to make your man feel like a man, and men will learn how to satisfy your woman to her core!

This training is very experiential. Of all our advanced trainings, it’s the one where we talk the least and experience the most. You’ll really GET how to trust, surrender and be present in your body!

Specific tools and topics include …

  • End to the push-pull game
  • Get everything you want without fighting for it
  • Breakthrough short-cut method to access your power through posture
  • How to hold and satisfy your woman
  • How to have the man you dream of
  • How to lead with presence
  • What men and women really want and need from each other
  • How to surrender with power, grace and love
  • Mastering presence, your most valuable relationship asset
  • Using your full power with your partner (without being bossy or controlling)
  • And lots more …
“We got right to the nitty-gritty of how we, as men and women create our Power-Struggle Dance together. The exercises gave me a definite body-felt experience of how I have been creating the “tug-of-war” with my man.

And better yet, it gave us very easy ways to see how simple it is to step out of that dance and into one that gets us closer to what we really want – the Love and Connection Dance. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants a “breakthrough” in their relationship life.”

Audrey Roumiguere

Prerequisite for attending The Energy Dance is you must have attended Give Yourself to Love and be a member.

Find out about Give Yourself to Love here …