Stop it! Can’t you just get it?

Stop it!

You go to your partner with a big smile, wanting to say Hi after a long day apart. But what does he do? Does he put down everything and turn his full attention to you and give you a huge hug and a smile? Noooo, he keeps his head in his *&%$*#@ phone and doesn’t even have time for you!

That’s when you want to say, “STOP IT! Can’t you just get it!”

We just went to this great mediation certification class with the CRC in Nevada City. As an example of … er … extremely simple conflict resolution, they showed us Bob Newhart’s therapist skit (go watch it, it’s hilarious).

As ridiculously funny and exaggerated as his therapist is, his “Stop it!” solution is basically what most of us try to do with our partner, friends, or ex’s. When we go to them expecting to be met a certain way, say with hugs and kisses, and they don’t do that, perhaps even repeatedly, we just want them to stop it. Of course, we say it less directly than that, maybe like, “Why can’t you just pay attention to me? You’re always on that stupid phone, like I’m air or something!”

If you didn’t yet, watch our video above for a different solution.

OK, now let’s hear from you. What are your examples? Leave a comment! Thanks.

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