Give Yourself to Love

2-Day Live Intro Training for Singles and Couples

Whether single or 20-years married, almost everything you’ve learned about relationships is wrong! What’s even worse, and tragic, is that almost everything you do to improve your relationship situation actually makes it worse!

This mind-altering training takes all you know and believe about love and relationship and turns it on its head, and will leave you with a clear path and effective tools to actually create the relationship you dream of.

Our approach to relationship is uplifting and positive. You don’t have to air your dirty laundry or process every childhood memory before you begin to feel happy and in love.

After this training, it’ll make so much sense to you why you haven’t yet created the relationship of your dreams, and why you keep having “problems”.

And better still, at the end of this training, you’ll have been IN LOVE so thoroughly, you’ll never forget it! Read more …

Singles Breakthrough to Love

6-Week Home Study Course: Break into Relationship from Your Couch!

You want to find your Love SO BAD! But all the “Potentials” you meet don’t look like serious relationship material for long!

Dating can be so awkward and frustrating and lonely. You struggle to put your best foot forward, afraid to open your heart to someone who may not want you. You sit through one boring date after another, or you get carried away in the heat of the moment, only to be hurt later.

Or maybe you’ve given up on dating altogether!

The truth is, the dating scene doesn’t work. You are set up to fail before you even show up. The dates you put so much hope into, end up feeling like a potluck where no one brought food!

And it doesn’t have to be like that! This course will catapult you out of your “Single mind” and into relationships. You will be able to go out with ANYONE and have a wonderful time in authentic, deep connection. Read more …

Why Am I Still Single?

Audio Presentation: 20 Reasons Why Dates Don’t Work

Dates are the perfect setup to NOT develop meaningful relationships! It’s supposed to be fun and exciting and letting you connect with another person, but more often than not leaves you disappointed and feeling flat and resigned.

The whole “dating thing” has been turned completely on it’s head, so that we’re actually preventing relationship from happening all the while we’re wanting to create a fabulous relationship. It’s just crazy.

What if you could go on dates with the confident knowledge that it’ll be GREAT, even before you go!? Can you imagine knowing that you’re about to make a difference for the person you’re about to meet; that you’ll leave feeling empowered, inspired, and satisfied?

When you find out the 20 reasons why dates don’t work, it will make total sense to you why you haven’t yet created the relationship you desire.

Let’s assure you right now that it is NOT because you’re somehow “flawed” or “messed-up”. And it’s certainly NOT because there aren’t enough fantastic men out there, or fabulous women! (If anyone ever tells you that, flat-out refuse to agree with it!)

Why Am I Still Single is the place to get started changing your entire outlook on dating and the dating process. Originally a 2-CD set (back in the hard-copy days), you can listen to this breakthrough presentation instantly on your favorite device.

After listening to Why Am I Still Single, you’ll probably draw a huge sigh of relief and go “Oh, that makes SO much sense!” And best of all, you’ll have hope again!

Why Am I Still Single is $97. Click here to get it right now …