Live Presentation: Singles Night Out: Why Am I Still Single?

Singles Night Out:
Why Am I Still Single?
And What To Do About It!

Connect. Laugh. Learn.


Being single can be challenging. You want to find love and have a great relationship, but the “potentials” you meet rarely come even close to your expectations of a partner.

Sometimes, you go for months or years without touch and affection, without really being seen and appreciated for who you are. And although you’re probably pretty good at braving it through your life, it wears on your soul after a while.


Sure, it’s awesome that you’re in control of your life and your environment, and that you don’t have to argue with anyone about what you’re doing or where you’re going – you’re your own boss! – but it would be nice to have someone to share it all with.

Then there’s the whole online dating game! Talk about a needle in a haystack. Browsing through profiles is at first exhilarating and full of hope and possibilities, but after dozens or hundreds of them, not so much!

Online dating

And then when you actually find someone to go on a date with, it doesn’t take you long to figure out that the “promised goods” weren’t exactly as advertised, and only very rarely do you even want a second date! The few times you do, the other person doesn’t!

Or, what’s even more common, the dating experience is just shallow, flat, boring, disappointing, and has you wonder why you even bother!

Truthfully, it is a lot easier to have a good time when you just stay home or hang out with your friends. But then again, it’s hard to meet someone when you’re by yourself!


So, listen, if you’re tired of …

> Promising profiles that never turn into relationships
> Trying, trying, trying to find love, without success
> Sitting through shallow dates
> Trying to figure out why you always attract needy men or controlling women
> Not finding someone who can meet you and be real!

And if you catch yourself thinking stuff like …

> What is wrong with me?
> Why can’t I find someone?
> There just aren’t any available men/women in my area (or anywhere!)
> I wonder if I’ll EVER find love and companionship
> Maybe it’s not “meant to be”?

Then you’ll probably really appreciate this brand new event, Why Am I Still Single?

This event is all about connecting and learning. You’ll get to connect authentically with other singles, and you’ll discover why a good bunch of your current thinking is flat-out rubbish! (Don’t take it personally, that’s actually good news!).

You’ll also discover:

  • Why you’re still single
  • Finding love
  • Practical steps to find “the One”
  • Surprising new ways to have a blast on dates
  • How to really connect with new people.

Plus, you’ll genuinely connect with other good people, which will fill you up and warm your heart.

It’s our stance that being single is a wonderful time in life, not a sentence or a burden to bear or get over.

Exploring new relationships can be a delicious, rewarding, and personally empowering growth adventure. When it doesn’t feel fun and expansive, it’s because your thinking and your habits about it are not serving you.

So come replace painful experiences with insight, connection and productive positive change!

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Available Dates and Locations:

May 25; Grass Valley, CA
7:00 – 9:30 PM
Cost: $20 at the door

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Here’s to you getting back to love and staying there!

 🙂 Sonika & Christian

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