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Client has one (1) year from start of program to take advantage of program contents. Program begins when LoveWorks receives payment, upon which time Client will be given access to the digital version of any home-study courses or CD sets purchased. LoveWorks's fullfilment provider will ship the hard copies of said home-study courses or CD sets within 7 business days.Client has five (5) days from date of purchase to request a refund. After that, Client is committed to the completing the entire program. After the five days, Payments are non-refundable. Payments may be transferable to other LoveWorks services and/or products upon request and by mutual agreement between LoveWorks and Client.DISCLAIMER: I understand that Sonika Tinker, MSW, and Christian Pedersen are consultants/mediators/relationship coaches, who offer coaching, and that the work they do is not to be confused with psychotherapy. I understand that Sonika and Christian are not licensed therapists and that the work they do is not therapy, and that they do not misrepresent themselves as licensed trained therapists. I understand that Sonika and Christian will be teaching a variety of relationship skills and cutting-edge approaches to relating and offering homework assignments and relationship practices for me/us to complete and practice. I understand that no results are guaranteed, and that my results and satisfaction are dependent upon my willingness and commitment to complete these homework assignments and incorporate these new relationship practices into my day-to-day life and relationships