Live Presentation: Playing The Gender Gap

Playing The Gender Gap
Live Evening w/ Sonika & Christian,
Wednesday, May 7, Grass Valley, 7-9:30pm

We assume the other gender SHOULD BE like us.
And we are shocked and annoyed when they are not.

Here is the truth – women and men are not the same.

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Not knowing the key differences between genders is the main
source of countless misunderstandings and fights in relationship.

Want to know why women talk more than men?

Want to understand why men show up as insensitive and women show up as over emotional?

When you understand key differences, you can quit fighting in the car, quit taking it personally when he doesn’t pick up or share his feelings, quit feeling insulted when she complains about your lack of intimacy or emotional availability.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • Why women talk and men go away
  • Why he doesn’t care as much about your relationship as she does
  • How to stop getting so wound up by his or her habits and short-comings
  • Why “different” doesn’t mean “un-equal”
  • How to have fun with your idiosyncrasies

This evening is free**, and you’ll be in a safe group with other good people.
You never have to air your dirty laundry or be put on the spot.

We take good care of you!

And please bring your partner and a friend!

For singles and couples.

Reserve your seat in the form below. When you do, we’ll send you an email with the details.

** This evening is free for first-time guests and members of LoveWorks’ Mastery Program. For all others, admission is $20