Live Presentation: No More Blame and Excuses: Taking Your Power Back in Relationship

No More Blame and Excuses:
Taking Your Power Back in Relationship
Live Evening w/ Sonika & Christian
July 24, Grass Valley, 7-9:30pm

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Every day, things happen that you don’t like or want in your relationship. Your partner blames you for something you didn’t do, says no to sex or comes home late from work. Or you don’t have anyone to partner with, period

Same if you are single. The guy you saw last week doesn’t call you back, the woman you are interested in says she doesn’t want to see you anymore or you don’t have anyone to partner with, period.

If you are like most people, you get frustrated when things don’t go your way. And when you don’t have effective ways to respond, you collapse into powerless resignation and lose your “umph” and excitement.

When you keep having the same crummy experience over and over again in relationship, it’s easy and natural to feel like a victim of lousy circumstances or a problematic partner. But whatever the reason, the result is that you waste untold hours spinning your wheels and going nowhere. Worse, you lose your power, which bleeds into every area of your life!

Masterful co-creators don’t feel like victims, but instead stay connected to their infinite power and resourcefulness. They use “issues” as launching pads for creation. They delight in unexpected breakdowns and relish the challenge of tackling a problem. Upsets and difficulties simply become springboards for “more, better, new and improved” creations. They feel vibrantly engaged, powerful and expansive, even in the face of a resistant partner!

In this experiential mini-workshop, you will be supported to reconnect with your Power! You will be challenged to stop making excuses, to give up the option to complain, and to leave behind all blame of your partner, your ex, your kids – anyone! You will be encouraged to rid yourself of “victim”, to take 100% responsibility, and to take actions in support of your true heart’s desire.

If you don’t want to be challenged, this evening is not for you!

We’ll show you how to use your relationship, not just for the love, fun, and intimacy it can provide, but for the possibility of empowering your best self and for freeing you to happily fulfill your destiny! (and in the process, it’ll probably fix a whole host of your relationship problems!)

Some of what you’ll get in one evening …

  • Fixing relationship problems for a much bigger purpose
  • Stop resisting upsets and problems
  • Help yourself and others get unstuck and out of “victim”
  • Understand how every complaint has a positive root
  • Be challenged to act from your Full Potential Power!

You’ll go home feeling a few inches taller!

Suggested donation for this evening: $20 at the door!

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