Private Men's Retreat, Jan 17-19, Nevada City, CA

Power and Heart

"The Men's Retreat gave me a visceral experience of how to be in my power, without being walked all over and without being aggressive. I've used that everywhere ever since". Matt M.

Do You Feel Like A Powerful Man In Your Life And In Your Relationship? Do you feel you have the confidence and skills to be successful in your relationships? 

What does it even mean to be a Powerful Man, or "in your power?" Well, you already know what it's like when you're NOT:  

  • When you're accommodating and "nice", even if you're thinking, "Hey, this isn't right!"  
  • When you listen to your partner's jabs and criticisms over and over again, fuming inside, but withdrawing from the fight.  
  • When you resign to the lack of sex and intimacy in your relationship.  
  • When you don't stand up for yourself at work, even when you feel you should be.  
  • When you feel empty inside, trying to fill the void with accomplishments or distractions.  
  • When you just can't seem to relax in the face of endless "noise" in your head and stress in your life. 
  • When you're just "going through the motions" of your life  

We men are endowed with an innate power, given to us by birth, literally a force of nature.  

Unfortunately, we've also seen this masculine force be used to cause so much violence, harm, domestic disasters, and ecological rape-and-pillage. Ever since the eruption of the #MeToo movement, the distrust of men's power and intentions is higher than ever. It seems we hear more about "toxic" masculinity than mature, nurturing, kind, powerful masculinity. 

So it makes sense if you don't want to bring that force into your life or intimate relationships. Ironically, you not bringing this powerful force into your bedroom is the number one reason your partner is unhappy with you, that you don't have enough sex, and your intimacy is suffering.  

If your full masculine power isn't guided by your open heart, it feels empty no matter how hard you work, and how much you accomplish.  

The key to your fulfillment is connecting to your raw masculine power as well as your sensitivity, intuition, and your open heart. 

To be a man in alignment and integrity with YOUR values and aspirations, while "dancing" gracefully with the other people in your life. And to connect your life force to a higher purpose, something bigger than just you.  

This small-group retreat offers a way to accomplish that! So that you can move into your life and your important relationships with power, purpose, pride, and posture. So you stop mistaking yourself for Mr. Nice Guy and your partner stops mistaking you for either the "Sensitive New Age Guy"or the stonewalling Silencer! You are neither!  

Together with a small band of brothers, under competent facilitation, and in tranquil, natural surroundings, you get to discover the true power of YOU as a man!  

Plus, you get to take a weekend just for you, enjoying local, fresh made food, hanging out by the fire, taking walks in nature ... in other words, a really good time:)  

At the Retreat, you get to practice how to:  

  • Use your masculine force without intimidating yourself or others  
  • Speak your truth with your wife, girlfriend, partner  
  • Utilize the Power-Heart-Spirit triangle  
  • Be a calm rock in the face of your partner’s emotional outbursts  
  • Navigate being a man in the context of #MeToo  
  • Get more of what you want in relationships with less effort  
  • Apply simple, powerful ways to connect to your own higher guidance  
  • Be a “1st class citizen” in your own house and relationship (a man told me, “I’m like a 2nd class citizen in my own house”) 
  • Relax and connect with your needs and desires  
  • Eliminate victim, excuses and blame  
  • Own your pure, innocent, sensual masculine power
  • Being a man in alignment and integrity with YOUR values and aspirations, while "dancing" gracefully with the other people in your life. 
  • Connect your life force to a higher purpose, something bigger than just you.  
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About Your Facilitator, Christian Pedersen


Co-founder of LoveWorks. As a husband-wife team, he & Sonika produce and lead life-altering workshops for couples, singles, and individuals on love, relationship, sex, communication.  

Christian is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Mediator, and the author of the Amazon #1 best seller, When You Love Your Woman! He holds a B.Sc. from the University of Copenhagen. 


Married to the amazing Sonika Tinker, with whom he's created a life well beyond what he used to think was possible. Stepfather of two wonderful kids (hardly kids anymore:)

For 12 years, Christian has been actively involved in mens work through the ManKind Project. Sonika & Christian were chosen by MKP USA to create their first-ever online relationship course for men and their partners (The R.I.S.C. Course).

Luxurious Retreat In Nature

In The Woods In the forested hills above Nevada City, with trails to Scotts Flat Lake, the Harmony Ridge Lodge is a tranquil, yet easily accesible getaway in nature. 

Rustic & Cozy We'll be gathering in the Great Room in front of the fire. It's a weekend in the woods, but there'll be no "roughing it". You'll be cozy, toasty, and well-fed:)

Spacious Rooms Rooms are spacious, with private bathrooms. You'll be sharing a room with one or two buddies (separate beds, of course).

Retreat Details

Two simple ways to pay:

1 Payment of $697