Bummer - had to cancel the retreat due to back injury:( Sorry about that. But it'll return in due time. 

What does it even mean to be a Powerful Man, or "in your power?" Well, you already know what it's like when you're NOT:
>> When you're accommodating and "nice", even if you're thinking, "Hey, this isn't right!" 

>> When you listen to your partner's jabs and criticisms over and over again, fuming inside, but withdrawing from the fight.

>> When you resign to the lack of sex and intimacy in your relationship.

>> When you don't stand up for yourself at work, even when you feel you should be. 

>> When you feel empty inside, trying to fill the void with accomplishments or distractions. 

>> When you just can't seem to relax in the face of endless "noise" in your head and stress in your life. 

We men are endowed with an innate power, given to us by nature, literally a force of nature.

Unfortunately, we've also seen this masculine force be used to cause so much violence, harm, domestic disasters, and ecological rape-and-pillage.

So it makes sense if you don't want to bring that force into your life or intimate relationships. Ironically, you not bringing this powerful force into your bedroom is the number one reason your partner is unhappy with you, that you don't have enough sex, and your intimacy is suffering. 

And if your full masculine power isn't guided by your open heart, it feels empty no matter how hard you work, and how much you accomplish.

The key to your fulfillment is connecting to your raw masculine power as well as your sensitivity, intuition, and your open heart. To be a man in alignment and integrity with YOUR values and aspirations, while "dancing" gracefully with the other people in your life. And to connect your life force to a higher purpose, something bigger than just you. 

This small-group retreat offers a way to accomplish that! So that you can move into your life and your important relationships with power, purpose, pride, and posture. So you stop mistaking yourself for Mr. Nice Guy and your partner stops mistaking you for either the "Sensitive New Age Guy"or the stonewalling Silencer! You are neither! 

Together with a small band of brothers, under competent faciliation, and in tranquil, natural surroundings, you get to discover the true power of YOU as a man!  

Plus, you get to take a weekend just for you, enjoying great food (local and fresh), hanging out by the fire, taking walks in nature ... in other words, a really good time:) 

Your Facilitator: Christian Pedersen

Husband & Father

Married to his business partner, co-conspirator and muse, Sonika Tinker, with whom he's created a marriage well beyond what he used to think was possible in terms of sheer awesomeness! Stepfather of two great teenagers whom he took on as his own many years ago. 

Coach & Workshop Leader

Co-founder of LoveWorks. As a husband-wife team, he & Sonika produce and lead life-altering workshops for couples, singles, and individuals on love, relationship, sex, communication and living a fearless life! 
Christian is a Certified Life Coach, and the author of the Amazon #1 best seller, When You Love Your Woman! He holds a B.Sc from the University of Copenhagen. 

Man & Brother

For ten years, Christian has been actively involved in mens work through the ManKind Project. Sonika & Christian were chosen by MKP USA to create their first-ever online relationship course for men and their partners (The R.I.S.C. Course). 

About The Lodge and the Retreat

In The Woods

In the forested hills above Nevada City, with access to Scotts Flat Lake, the Harmony Ridge Lodge is a tranquil, yet easily accesible getaway in nature.

Rustic & Cozy

We'll be gathering in the Great Room in front of the fire. It's a weekend in the woods, but there'll be no "roughing it". You'll be cozy, toasty, and well-fed:)

Spacious Rooms

Rooms are spacious, with private bathrooms. You'll be sharing a room with one or two buddies (separate beds, of course).

What Other Men Have Said

"The retreat gave me a visceral experience of how to be in my masculine power without being overbearing, and without being walked all over, and without being aggressive. I have used that everywhere ever since."


"I took the energy of the experience into my core, and it comes out every time I confront my 3 main challenges of women, cigs-n-alcohol, and digital distractions, and I have more power over all (and I've been rocking on the real things I want to do like work and cooking)"


"I learned how to stay in my power in the face of other's strong emotions, and how to ask for what I want without giving my power away. I used to avoid strong emotions from others and not ask for what I want with power. Now, I can handle strong emotions from my wife and give her more of what she needs. Also, I ask for sex more. 


"I used to be an expert at giving my power away. But now I stand in the fire with presence and strength! I can hold on to my power, assert myself, and create strong boundaries with love"

"Before the retreat, I always felt weak and wishywashy. I discovered I that I can be a powerful man and still be soft and vulnerable (and I get that's what my woman want, too)." 

"I ran away a lot. I avoided, played games, and disconnected. I no longer fear standing in my power and speaking and acting from that place. As a matter of fact, it's the only way to manifest the life I need and want"

"I was skeptical about being two days with a group of men to "reclaim my power". But it was safe,  enlightening, and a personal breakthrough to trust, and feel trusted by, a group of men"
Will .

"I got that my power is available to me in every moment. It doesn't need to be violent. There are many levels of power and we practiced them many times. I'm ready for the real world tests!" 

The retreat has unfortunately been cancelled - bummer:(
Hope to see you at the next one!  

The retreat is limited to 21 men.
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