Singles Calls 2019

Welcome to the Singles Calls

On this page you’ll find the recordings of the Single Calls. Each recording is listed by date and title.

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Recordings of Live Group Coaching Calls

1-9-19_Ceate More Intimacy As Well As Passion

Start by asking the right questions, then go about living it
1-16-19_Making The Best Singles Call

How do we make the calls even better?
1-23-19_Breaking Up

How do you cleanly, consciously and lovingly – with integrity – break up with someone?
1-30-19_What Does It Mean To Love Yourself

And what can I do when someone clearly doesn’t like me at work and I don’t know why? And other powerful questions
2-6-19_When You Get Blindsided Or Triggered

A powerful call for when you get blindsided or triggered. Something happens in a split-second to set you off.
2-13-19_On Ambivalence, Valentine's Day, and Givin

When you’re feeling ambivalent about going out to an event or out on a date or to a job interview …
2-20-19_Being More Assertive

How to be more assertive and speak up without being inappropriate or disrespectful, especially when the fear of rejection is bigger than my desire to speak up
2-27-19_Not Hearing Back After First Date

Not hearing back from someone after a date can be hard, especially if you are interested in that person. So what happened? And what do you want to see happen?
3-7-19_Feeling Discriminated

Do you feel discriminated against as a single person? As a divorced person? Do you judge yourself for not making enough money or weighing too much?
3-13-19_Can You Create Chemistry

Can you create chemistry with someone? Or is it just there or not there?
3-20-19_Dealing with Difficult People

What to do when someone is judgmental, rude and inappropriate?
3-27-19_Taking a Stand

You don’t want to change ALL of your make-ups and beliefs! Many are connected to your values!
4-3-19_Strengthen Your Mind Muscle

We either tell our minds what to focus or our minds will tell us
4-10-19_Dissatisfaction As A Useful Element

Dissatisfaction is part of the growing process, as well as part of the process of moving from single to in-relationship.
4-17-19_The Sharp Distinction Between Work and Play

We often make a distinction between work and play. We think of work as drudgery, something we have to get through or something we should do. How does this play into relationship?
4-24-19_The Next Thing To Say In A Conversation

Think of conversations, connection and interaction with others like a dance with no end. There is always the next thing to say, the next thing to be curious about.
5-1-19_Everything You Don’t Want

We are so busy avoiding what we don’t want, focusing on what we don’t want, that we miss out on experiencing the joy that is here, somewhere.
5-8-19_When You Get Super Triggered

What to do when you are so triggered you literally can’t think? Several good ideas …
5-15-19_When Others Connect And You Don't

What to do when you feel left out and disconnected and inept and out of sorts when other people are connecting around you?
5-22-19_Don’t Have A Harmonious Relationship

When we feel lonely and in despair because we don’t have a harmonious loving relationship
5-29-19_Letting Go Of Old Stuff

What do you have to let go of in order to create room for something new to come in? What old stories are running you and your life that don’t serve you anymore?
6-12-19_The 7 Laws of Not Enough

What is enough in your life? Who gets to say? And how do you move out of scarcity in your relationships and life?
6-26-19_Dating Someone With Different Culture or Religion

How do we respond to differences in religious beliefs, political beliefs, cultural beliefs when dating and meeting people for the first time?
7-10-19_Many Ways To Date

There are many ways to date, be in relationship, live life. We go in and out of each of these ways every day. And each of these ways influence our experience of life
7-17-19_The Breath of Relationship

In all relationships, there are times of increased closeness and times of space and / or distance.
7-24-19_Online Dating
Online Dating can be frustrating and disappointing with so many mismatches, rejections and lack of responses to bids.
7-31-19_Partnering with the Universe

What if you could partner with the universe to co-create your ideal life and relationship?
8-7-19_Bids, Triggers and Gifts

Plus, how you clear the air with someone
8-14-19_Beliefs Lead to a Destination

Do you like the destination your beliefs are taking you to? Are you asking the right questions?
8-21-19_Moving From Victim To Power

Moving from victim to power involves taking 100% responsibility. There are three ways to do this.
10-2-19_Creating From The Future

What if you could create from the future, and not be weighed down by what you have created – or not created – in your past?
10-16-19_Checking Out Make-ups

Checking out our make-ups is a vulnerable exposing move. “Here is what I am making up. Is that true?”
10-23-19_Reaction To Circumstances

We tend to spend a lot of our lives being in reaction to outside circumstances and stimuli. The more in reaction we are, the more stressful, victimized and powerless we feel.
11-6-19_Mood Is Everything

Leveraging the use of our imagination in creation
11-13-19_What You Believe About Relationships

What do you believe about relationships? And how you can use that to take the next action
11-20-19_Acting When You Dont Feel Like It

There is a prevailing story in our individual-centered culture to honor and not betray our feelings. Hence, we tend to take action connected to our feelings. But …