Live Presentation: Love and The Law of Attraction

Love and The Law of Attraction
Free Live Evening w/ Sonika & Christian,
March 13, Grass Valley, 7-9:30pm

It felt momentous when you saw the Secret way back when –
like you really could create ANYTHING!Couple on a beach

New car, awesome career, and of course, the love of your life! (never mind if you were coupled or single at the time).

Since then, you’ve studied the Law of Attraction. You know your thoughts create reality. You know you should be banishing negative thoughts from your mind, so as not to manifest them. You try to think positive as much as you can…


Is this Law of Attraction just a silly joke to trick you into feeling optimistic for no reason?

I mean, they SAID you just had to visualize and feel good, didn’t they?

Back up a second …

When it comes to Law of Attraction, there’s a lot of very general, hard-to-use, rosy-colored nonsense out there.

Here’s what’s real:

  • The Law of Attraction is a real thing (whether scientifically proven or not).
  • How you think and behave does indeed have a very real and material impact on your love life, and on your partner (or lack of a partner)
  • Most Law of Attraction teaching is hopelessly general and does not translate to the nitty-gritty, messy, sexy, loving, frustrating world of love and relationship
  • You can absolutely and powerfully use the Law of Attraction to your advantage in Love and relationship

That’s what this evening is for.

To answer the question, “How do you apply this stuff in real, intimate relationship?”

In all modesty, one of the compliments we often get is that we’re really good at bringing these lofty, airy-fairy ideals down to street level where you actually use it!

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • How to bring the lofty Law of Attraction down to street level
  • See it in action
  • How to use the principles to your advantage
  • How to change your partner for the better
  • Use the Law of Attraction to be more in control of your love life

This evening is totally free, and you’ll be in a safe group with other good people.
You never have to air your dirty laundry or be put on the spot.
This evening is about Love and the Law of Attraction, not about confrontation or daring stunts.
We take good care of you!

And please bring your partner or a friend!