Love And The Law Of Attraction

If it’s really true that you can manifest anything – or anyone – into your life by visualizing and feeling “as-if”, why don’t you already have all the love, sex, and money you desire??????????????????????

If you’ve ever seen the movie The Secret, you may have gotten the impression that all you need to do to materialize any desire into your life is to visualize its presence and then try your best to feel as if you had it already, and then POOF! your desired item, or person, should arrive.

You might very well be thinking, “WTF! Either it’s not working or I’m not doing it right, ’cause I ain’t got all the money I want, nor all the love and sex, and my partner certainly hasn’t changed much, either!”

And if you go by the sometimes magic-sounding Law of Attraction advice out there, we can see why you’d be skeptical at best, or dismayed and resigned at worst.

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So … is the Law of Attraction real or not? Is it a hoax? And if it’s real, how DO you use it for your own benefit?

Without getting too technical or scientific about this , let’s just say what we’ve found to be valid:

  • There definitely is some “force” operating that serves to match you up with someone who’s … well, a match for you. Law of Attraction is as good a term as any for this “force”, but it’s being used interchangeably with terms like the Universe, Providence, Infinite Intelligence, and many more.
  • When it comes to your love life and relationship, there is DEFINITELY a force like this in play – no two ways about it!
  • There’s no lack of studies and research to show that we humans have some sort of “vibration” or “frequency” – as do all energy phenomenons – and that this “vibration” has some sort of impact on the reality you find yourself in. Or create, as the case very well might be!

Back to love life and relationship … that is after all what we’re talking about here at LoveWorks:-)

To make a bold statement:

Whatever your current relationship situation – single, married, happily married, miserably married, it’s-complicated – you are indeed a match for it!
We know, that may sound wonderful if you’re doing great, and awful if you’re in an unsatisfying relationship situation.

But make no mistake; how you think and feel have a much more direct impact on your partner, or lack thereof, than you might think. In this post, we’ll stick to a very basic application.

How we know this “force” is indeed in effect is we’ve seen it hundreds and hundreds of times, long before any of us ever heard the term “Law of Attraction”. We stopped counting how many times we’ve had couples in our office where one partner is loudly complaining about the faults and shortcoming of the other partner, while at the same time displaying the EXACT same flaws and shortcomings.

A recent example, let’s call them Amanda and Matt. Amanda is, and has been for a long time, very upset that Matt is “all over the place”, that he says he’ll do this, but doesn’t; that he says he’ll be there at this time, but isn’t; that one day he’s all sweet and loving, but the next day he’s “gone”, totally unavailable. In the conversation, Amanda reveals (as it very frequently happens) that she is basically just like that herself, but (as it very frequently happens), she just can’t see it herself. She reveals that she from the very beginning she didn’t want to be in relationship with someone who has his own business, because it’s too stressful. But she is. She was always very clear that she wouldn’t be with someone who’d been married before. But she is. She insisted from the get-go that she’d never be with someone who couldn’t commit to a fixed schedule of when to be together. But she is. And so on and so forth.

Or the single woman who just can’t understand why no one is responding to her profile, but when we talk a little deeper, it turns out she’s scared out of her wits that someone might actually respond!

The thing with the advice from movies or popular magazines is they’re often deliberately simplified to reach a lot of people. They’re really not intended to be detailed advice on any specific area, such as relationships. Relationships are multi-layered (some might say “bloody complicated”), because people are.

The best initial tip we have for you to begin to see where Law of Attraction is at play in your life is to ask yourself, “How am I just like that?” Or, “How am I a match for that?”

Look at areas of your relationship life that you’d like to improve, let’s say your communication with your partner. Let’s say you’re tired of how much you bicker, and how much your partner judges and criticizes you. Whenever it happens, simply ask yourself, “How am I just like that?”, or, “How might I be a match for that?” And then honestly take a look at yourself.

Granted, this is a very specific and simple application of Law of Attraction, but we want you to start with an everyday, simple area just to get started.

There are infinitely more detailed and subtle ways to leverage the Law of Attraction, but that’s for another post. We’ll just say that we use it deliberately all day, every day, to help us create the love life we want; actually, to create the LIFE we want, period. And it definitely works.

Have fun with it!

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