Live Presentation: Opening to Love

Opening to Love: Relationship Training That Will Blow Your Mind!

Live Evening w/ Sonika & Christian
March 19, 2015

Center for Spiritual Living
700 North Lake Blvd
Tahoe City, CA 96145

Are you struggling in your relationships? Sick of not knowing what to do to make things better? Well, look no further. Our cutting-edge distinctions and light-hearted uplifting approach will catapult your love life to new heights!

Married couples on the verge of divorce have been known to find love and passion again after just ONE evening with us!

Singles, even those despairing after being alone for over 40 years, have found the love of their lives.

No kidding!Happy time

We live in a Stone-Age paradigm when it comes to relationship. Our only training was from our parents, peers and the media, and the tools we use to improve relationships usually make them worse. We are set up to fail from the start.

In this mini-workshop, Sonika & Christian teach a radical new paradigm for relating. Their unique cutting-edge insights and innovative practices will explode your current thinking and catapult you into brand new possibilities to up-level all your relationships.

Join us! Experience LOVEWORKS!

For singles and couples

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Cost is $10 per person. Pay at the door.