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Live Intro Events and Workshops

Our mini-workshops give you effective new ways to navigate love and relationship, and they serve as intros to The LoveWorks Solution. In addition, on this page you may also find our Level 1 two-day workshop.

The intro events open up new possibilities for singles, couples, men, women, anyone who has an interest in more empowered relating.

Amazing results often happen as a result, even miracles. Like Nora and Anton, who had already decided to split up; he was to move out three days later. After attending our event, they canceled their break-up, and rediscovered their love for each other. Inside two hours they saw a totally new possibility for making it work!

All our evenings will present you with life-altering new ways of looking at love and relationship, and give you practical tools that you can use right away.

Introducing The LoveWorks Solution: A Proven Path To Empowered Relating And Fulfilling Intimacy

Berkeley: Thursday, Dec 5, 7:00-9:30 PM.
Finnish Hall

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Level 1  Workshop: Foundation for Empowered Relating. 

Corte Madera, CA
Jan 11-12, 2019

Relationships are meant to be a source of support, joy, empowerment, and intimacy. When it’s not like that, it’s because you’ve run out of productive options and temporarily gotten stuck. The Give Yourself to Love weekend will give you dozens of better options that you didn’t even know existed!

For singles, couples, in-betweens, and “it’s complicated”. 

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