Live Presentation: I Loved You Better Before – Why Did You Have To Change?


I Loved You Better Before – Why Did You Have To Change?

How We Fall Out Of Love And What To Do About It


When you first fell in love and courted, your partner was the BEST! Everything they did seemed bathed in a rosy light and perfection. Just looking at them sent tingling shivers through your body.

Those were the days, yeah?

As time went on, you saw your partner change. Sometimes for the better, becoming more mature, a better listener, a more understanding friend, a sexier lover…

But all too often, you saw him become more distant – a lot more interested in work, TV, or projects and a lot less interested in deep intimate conversations and romantic nights out.

You looked on as she changed from a sexy love goddess who adored everything about you to your biggest critic, always ready to tell you how you should have done it better or different.

Most of us have gone through this process at least once in our adult lives. For those of us who are still together, we get to witness changes like these every day.

For those who are currently single, you have a very clear desire that you do not want that process to happen ever again, right?

So what’s up with how your lover changes over time?

That’s what this event is all about.

Sonika & Christian have helped thousands of couples and singles find, fix, and maintain lasting love, and their combined 35 years of experience have revealed a powerful set of behind-the-relationship-scenes insights.

In this enlightening event, you’ll discover …

– How nearly all relationships break down over time
– Why your partner changes into someone you like less!
– The enormous gap between your love expectations and your love reality
– Why love seems so hard at times, even though you try to make it better!

And you’ll also …

– Get a brand new and brighter possibility for your relationship
– Discover the biggest love destroyer and what to do instead
– See the #1 relationship improvement strategy that always backfires (it’s so common you probably used it today!)
– Learn how you contribute to your relationship going downhill without realizing it
– Get masterful practical tools for keeping your love alive that you can put to use right away (you’ll use them forever)

Many couples on the brink of divorce have turned their marriages around with this material – no kidding! And singles who had given up on love, opened their hearts and found a new way for creating a true love relationship without the pain of the past.

I Loved You Better Before – Why Did You Have To Change? is a light-hearted look at love and relationships, and will help you understand why your relationship often turns out very differently than you expected. It is highly likely you’ll leave thinking, “Wow, this changes everything!”

So if you’re ready for an event that might change how you look at your love relationships for the rest of your life, come join us!

This event is free!

Please bring your partner and your friends.

Couples and Singles welcome.

Available Dates and Locations:

Vallejo: Sunday, January 28, 2018
1:30 – 3:30PM

RSVP in the form below. When you hit the Submit button, we’ll send you an email with exact location and time.

Here’s to a giant love breakthrough for you!!

🙂 Sonika & Christian

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