Live Presentation: I Love You – You Drive Me Crazy


I Love You – You Drive Me Crazy

Live Evening w/ Sonika & Christian
October 25, 2015
1 – 3:30 PM

San Francisco

It’s fun when you see couples in a movie bickering with each other over petty everyday stuff. But it’s not nearly as funny when you’re the main character and it’s happening in your kitchen!

Yet, as every single one of us has experienced – perhaps even right now? – love relationships have a tendency to go from “I love you!” (honeymoon style) to “You drive me crazy!” Sometimes this shift takes place ten times a day!

As long as you can laugh it off, it’s cool. But most often, after a while, it’s not cool and you can’t laugh it off. Because when your relationship is stressful, you don’t feel connected, you’re having more pointless arguments than fun; then it begins to affect your mood, your happiness, and your peace of mind; not to mention your health or your kids.

In this enlightening evening, you’ll see why this happens to almost every relationship. And you’ll get practical ideas for to reverse this process for yourself, so you can stay on the “I love you” side of the equation for ever more.
Laughing couple

You might have heard it said from other relationship experts that it’s not such a big surprise that so many relationships and marriages fail, since most of us never learned how to do it properly. We’ll show you that in fact, we’ve all taken at least 3 extremely impactful relationship courses which – for better or worse – shape our love relationships to this day!

This is a light-hearted look at love and relationship partners and how you try so hard to be a good partner, and often the result is so far from what you imagined. After this evening, you’ll go home probably thinking, “Yeah, it all makes sense now.”

From this evening, you’ll also get …

  • The comically inefficient relationship improvement strategy everyone uses (you probably used it today!)
  • What is really behind fights and arguments
  • How to raise your “love ceiling” and feel more loved
  • Practical tools for staying in love (you’ll use them forever!)

So if you’re ready for an evening out that might change how you do your relationship for the rest of your life, come join us!

Please bring your partner and your friends.

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Here’s to you getting back to love and staying there!

 -) Sonika & Christian

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