Live Presentation: Healthy Thriving Relationships – YES!


Healthy Thriving Relationships – YES!

Introduction To A New Kind Of Relationship

In today’s world, our relationship needs have changed, yet we haven’t upgraded our “operating system” to meet those new needs. The tools we use to improve our relationships actually make things worse and set us up to fail.

No wonder there is such a high divorce rate!

We all know that unhappy relationships negatively affect our mood, health, and pocketbook. Conversely, when we feel loved and connected, we feel good emotionally AND physically! People have been known to cure the worst of physical ailments with love and laughter!

In this intro presentation, Sonika & Christian will teach a radical new paradigm for relating. Their unique insights and innovative practices are guaranteed to explode your current thinking and catapult you into brand new possibilities for ALL of your relationships – be it with you spouse, partner, dates, ex’s, parents, kids, bosses, co-workers, or friends!

Couples on the verge of divorce have found love and passion again after just ONE evening with us!

Singles, even those being alone for over 40 years, have opened to love and gone on to find the love of their lives.

Everyone has discovered an effective new way to improve relationships with the people they love!

If you would like to enhance the quality of your relationships but you don’t know what to do, look no further. Join us for an evening of uplifting insights and effective solutions!

Sonika & Christian have helped thousands of couples and singles find, fix, and maintain lasting love, and their combined 35 years of experience have revealed a powerful set of behind-the-relationship-scenes insights.

This event is either free or with a suggested donation of $10-20, depending on location.

Please bring your partner and your friends.

Couples and Singles welcome.

Available Dates and Locations:

Wednesday, September 27, West Sacramento
7:00 – 9:30 PM

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Here’s to a giant love breakthrough for you!!

🙂 Sonika & Christian

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