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A Radical New Paradigm for Relating

2-Day Relationship Training

Dear friend,

If you are anything like most of our clients and students …

  • You have all the trappings of a good successful life – career, money, home, family,
    stuff – but love is missing
  • Your partner drives you crazy and doesn’t seem to get YOUcouple_sad
  • You don’t know what to do to make
    your relationship better
  • You are sick of being criticized, misunderstood
    and not heard
  • You miss feeling special, cherished and deeply appreciated
  • You feel like you can’t win no matter what you do
  • Your fights go nowhere
  • You rarely talk at all anymore and when you do,
    it’s empty and superficial
  • You feel lonely, fed up and resigned
  • You miss feeling that electric passion and in-love feeling,
    and you wonder if it will ever come back
  • Your sex is boring or non-existent
  • Sometimes you feel so overwhelmed with hurt and anger, that you are certain
    you will never feel love again!
  • And maybe you have done a lot of personal growth work, you know you create your own reality, you have heard about the Law of Attraction, but you have NO idea how the heck
    to actually LIVE that in your relationship!

Do you ever wonder how you got here
when you used to be so in love?

Do you even remember? How fun it used to be together? How you looked at each other with such admiration and respect, declared your love for each other several times a day? Remember when you wanted to stay up late and make love? When you talked for hours about everything? You could hardly focus on anything else other than being together with that amazing being you felt lucky to have met. You just wanted to get closer, closer, closer, until you were merged into one.


Here you are, some years later,
and your relationship doesn’t feel at all like that anymore.

  • The twinkle in his eyes has been replaced with flashing lights from the TV.
  • The adoring look in her eyes has been replaced with disapproval and discontent.
  • Your loving interactions are now superficial conversations about logistics.
  • And you barely seem to notice one another anymore –
    except maybe to fight about the same ‘ol issues again!

Well, here’s some good news

If you are still breathing, you have the possibility of dramatically improving
the quality of your relationship!


(You’ll pick your preferred training later in the check-out process)

  • Corte Madera (SF Bay Area), Sept 20-21


(You’ll pick your preferred training later in the check-out process)

  • Corte Madera (SF Bay Area), Sept 20-21

You have 2 Options for Registration:

1. Register at Full Price, $797 per person

Register at full price

2. or Register below with Promo Code, $397 per person


We renewed our marriage vows ….
“Scott and I returned from our workshop feeling so close and in love. It was so amazing for both of us. I feel that we renewed our marriage vows without even knowing it.”
Suzanne & Scott

Let us tell you something else that may surprise you ….

We are no different than you!

We know what it is like to be in a sex-less marriage where we feel like we can’t win. We know what it is like to go year after year feeling lonely, disconnected and hopeless. We know what it is like to hurt and feel stuck.

We’ve been there.

In fact, it was our own pain and loneliness that inspired us to invent
a new way to be in relationship.

We realized that everything we had learned
about relationship was wrong

Yep, dead wrong!

Everything we did to make our relationship better only made it worse. What we thought we wanted from each other wasn’t REALLY what we wanted. What we thought we were upset about wasn’t really what we were upset about.

Everything we did to reach out and connect only made us feel more lonely. We discovered the shocking truth that tears most couples apart:

Everything we have been taught about relationship
is stone-age, backwards wrong.

So it’s no wonder we are SET UP TO FAIL from the beginning!

That’s right! What we think works, doesn’t! What we try to do to make our relationship better, backfires.

The truth is it didn’t matter how many new communication techniques we learned, or how many self-help books we read. We were stuck. There was only so far we could go. Like a bird in a cage, despite all of our efforts to fly, we could never soar beyond the bars.

That’s why we couldn’t create the relationship of our dreams!!

After attending GYTL everything shifted for us…
Before GYTL, we were so disconnected from each other. When we fought it was the same intense battle, leaving both of us broken and dissatisfied.

After attending GYTL everything shifted for us. We were able to tackle HUGE conflicts, things you’re “supposed to give up on”, with increasing gratitude and understanding.

GYTL could not have come at a better time in our lives (well, maybe much earlier). It is very likely we would not still be together if it were not for the things we have learned through Love Works.

Kate and Spencer

We had to figure out an entire new way to be in relationship – or we were doomed to join the ranks of the divorced and unhappy!

So we did just that.

Based on our own extensive, 40+ years of experience getting “behind the scenes” of thousands of marriages and relationships, we incorporate timeless, universal principles AND the newest understandings of science, quantum physics, law of attraction and the human mind.

And we also realized that there’s a HUGE TRAP built into much of the how-to-create-a-great-relationship information that’s now available out there.

“I create my own reality?”

You may have seen The Secret or Oprah or Wayne Dyer or Abraham talk about the Law of Attraction and creating your own reality.

And you may have gotten really excited about the prospect of having creative control over your life and relationship, and of being able to manifest your desires.

But even after practicing the tips you got, and visualizing love and happiness (and a million dollars) you discovered that you STILL didn’t have the relationship you desire. You STILL got triggered by your partner. You STILL didn’t have a fulfilling sex life.

If you really do create your own relationship reality and if you really can manifest the relationship you desire, surely it should be a lot better than it is, right! Shouldn’t it be AMAZING about now?

Where’s the breakdown?

Here’s the BIG PROBLEM with “new” information
(like Law of Attraction or The Secret)

All this great and hopeful information, and all the attractive-sounding techniques to manifest your desires have two huge flaws in common:

  1. It’s GENERALIZED information – it’s not specific to relationship which is a unique aspect of life that requires unique and specific skills and understanding.
  2. It’s INCOMPLETEinformation! Take The Secret as an example. If you’ve watched it, you’re left with the idea that if you just visualize what you want, it’ll show up! That’s not the full story! Whereas visualization is absolutely a powerful tool – we use it ourselves – there’s A LOT more to it than that.If you’re feeling really hurt by something your partner did, or you’re angry that he doesn’t share how he feels, simply visualizing him talking away won’t do anything for you! Chances are you’ll still be angry. You might even be MORE ANGRY because you’re still feeling unsatisfied but you now have this visualized ideal that you’re comparing yourself to. And if you’re thinking you SHOULD be able to manifest what you want, you’ll be feeling even worse!

In contrast to this, the system we created IS SPECIFIC to relationship, and IT IS COMPLETE in the sense that you’ll know how to actually apply it in your everyday relationship situations.

Our system shows you how to actually DO it
so it WORKS in your relationship!

Couple-happy-lying-on-grassWhat we’ve done is taken all this lovely-sounding (some might say fluffy and airy-fairy) information and all these timeless, universal principles and made them accessible to you. We’ve taken Love, Understanding, Law of Attraction and You-Create-Your-Own-Reality and brought it down to street level where it can be put to use in YOUR relationship right now!

Even when you’re fed up with your partner and your relationship!

And please hear this …

There’s nothing wrong with you (or your partner)
just because you haven’t figured out how to have what you want yet!

Let’s give you a profound example of what can happen when you figure out how to PROPERLY APPLY the right information to your specific relationship situation, combined with the proper understanding of context.

At our last Give Yourself to Love 2-day training a woman had told us in advance that her partner was driving her crazy. He was too dependent, not attentive enough, he would “disappear” after sex, and more!

She was very fed up and angry with him, and in fact almost at the Tipping Point where she would call it quits after many years of marriage.

That’s how she started out on her weekend. And if you’re in a similar place in your relationship, blessings to you, and please take heart.

Get this ….

By Sunday morning, she was ecstatic!

After just one day at the training, she got up in front of the room, and was beside herself with excitement and eagerness, sharing how she had for the first time truly UNDERSTOOD how relationships work.

Couple-happy-in-bedAnd then she said, looking at her husband (who for years had been “driving her crazy”), “I made love to God last night. And the only difference on the man in my bed was ME!”

Total turn-around in 24 hours. From “driving me crazy!” to “made love to God!”

That is what becomes possible once you get the power of the proper understanding of relationship and your own role in it, and combine it with specialized skills designed specifically for your relationship!

It’s not mystical. It’s not fluffy. It’s not airy-fairy. It’s not esoteric. You don’t need a degree to understand it. And it’s not difficult.

It just works miracles in your relationship!

We have seen this with countless couples and singles. Most of the self-help books and movies out there have great information, but you can’t figure out how to apply it to YOUR situation.

Sonika actually founded LoveWorks in 1991 as an alternative to traditional therapy (she was herself in process of becoming a licensed clinical social worker, i.e. a therapist, but chose not to). She was observing that most people, including herself, did not experience lasting change and improvement, even after years of therapy!

They’d talk a whole lot about their problems, and learn a whole lot about themselves and their childhoods, but they’d still have the sane problems in their relationship.

We might as well tell you now that we’re into feeling good. If it’s not necessary, we’re into skipping over the “childhood wound” part and go straight for what we want and have a bit more fun.

We’re into having the process of growing and improving feel good NOW. Not after 2 years of “shadow work”. We want it to start feeling good and be fun NOW!

And we’ve invented a system that makes that possible. You’ll see when you get to the training.

We’ll show you how to step into Love in an instant! 

Wouldn’t if be nice if you could step into love NOW, and then from a place of love begin the journey to your improved, fabulous relationship!

Wouldn’t that be nice?Couple-happy

And wouldn’t it be nice if instead of being mired down in criticism and unhappiness, you were able to easily and light-heartedly uplift each other?

Wouldn’t it be nice if anger and hurt were quickly replaced with compassion, forgiveness and understanding?

Wouldn’t it be nice if disappointment gave way to creativity, playfulness and hope?

And wouldn’t it be nice if loneliness disappeared in the face of your deep love and connection?

If you’re ready for this, come join us Give Yourself to Love 2-Day Live Training.



(You’ll pick your preferred training later in the check-out process)

  • Corte Madera (SF Bay Area), Sept 20-21

(You’ll pick your preferred training later in the check-out process)

  • Corte Madera (SF Bay Area), Sept 20-21

You have 2 Options for Registration:

1. Register at Full Price, $797 per person
Register at full price
2. or Register below with Promo Code, $397 per person

Please remember, we weren’t always in
a happy, blissful relationship.

Sonika actually started out being battered in one of her very first relationships! Not knowing what to do, or how she herself could get her power back, she got beaten up on a regular basis.

Fortunately, it was this challenging experience that turned on her desire to NEVER AGAIN have crummy relationships with that level of unhappiness.

Christian went through dozens of relationships, always repeating the same pattern of wanting more, dreading conflict, shutting down emotionally, and only having one tool in his relationship toolbox: Leave and find another relationship.

He got so lonely and miserable it severely impacted his health and wellbeing (but, like a “real man” he kept it all to himself and suffered stoically in silence). It wasn’t until he began contemplating ending his life that he finally committed to do WHATEVER IT TOOK to find love and master this game of relationships!

… We opened ourselves to each other in new ways.

Christian and Sonika’s take on how to make a relationship its best is simply wonderful. We have put the tools they gave us into effect almost every day since and have seen positive changes in our relationship from the first day. The sacred space Sonika and Christian created together allowed us to feel safe and open ourselves to each other in new ways.”


You Don’t Have To Make All The Mistakes We Did

And if you already did, don’t worry, we’ll show you how to use it to inspire your love life and create your relationship to be everything you want.

Anyways, it was from all those less-than-perfect relationships we crafted a new way of doing it. We couldn’t find in the bookstores or in the seminars, so we invented it ourselves!

We know something about you!

We know that YOU have a dream for creating a phenomenal loving partnership, too. You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t have the same dream we had many years ago.

And we know you cannot turn that vision off no matter how hard you try to settle for less. You just can’t avoid that pang in your heart when you see someone else in love. You can’t deny the sudden sigh of resignation when you look at your partner and sees him not paying any attention to you!

Wanna be done with that now? Wanna finally figure out how to do it right, so you can enjoy the fruits of love and friendship for the rest of your life?

Yes, we know you want that.

That’s why we created Give Yourself to Love 2-Day Training. We have put our more than 40 years of experience into a training that will give the MAXIMUM result in just 2 days.

Give us 2 days of your time … and we’ll give you a radically new and unique way of creating love for the rest of your life.

And don’t worry, it’s not one of those trainings where you’ll be put on the spot against your will, or confronted or otherwise made to feel embarrassed or unsafe.

You never have to share anything you don’t want to share. You don’t have to air your dirty laundry. And every participant agrees to keep everything confidential.

So What Happens At Give Yourself to Love?

Your relationship is safe with us. Every man or woman who’s ever attended has felt deeply safe and expanded.

At the training, you will …

  • Realize why what you do to make things better only makes things worse
  • Discover a whole new way to be with upsets and complaint
  • Know how to get your needs met
  • Learn to use judgments and criticism to fuel loving insight and connection
  • Feel optimistic and positive about what is possible for your future together

We make bold claims!

All of which we address at the training. Among them …

  • Almost everything you have been taught about relationship is wrong
  • What you do to make your relationship better only makes it worse
  • What you think you want is not really what you want
    (which is why 
you don’t get what you want)
  • What you think you are upset about is not what you are really 
upset about.
  • You CAN change your partner (but not in the way you think)

Imagine if you really could be IN LOVE again! If every day with your partner was AMAZING!

Imagine you if you really resolved conflicts fast and easy and never wasted time on dumb fights.

Imagine feeling close and understood and appreciated. And imagine beginning to have spontaneous sex in the living room (or wherever you happen to be when you just can’t keep your hands off each other:-)

Imagine laughing and playing together every day, whether in the evenings after a long day at work or on your glorious weekend days.

Make that your new relationship reality!

Give Yourself to Love Training will kick-start you onto that path and propel you towards the relationship you’ve so far mostly hoped was possible. We are here to tell you, based on our own experience and that of hundreds and hundreds of couples and singles, that it IS absolutely possible.

Give Yourself to Love 2-Day Training is a unique, safe, fun, reliable and proven way to re-vitalize your relationship. No matter how bad you feel or how disconnected you are, you can turn your relationship around with our proven new paradigm system!


(You’ll pick your preferred training later in the check-out process)

  • Corte Madera (SF Bay Area), Sept 20-21


(You’ll pick your preferred training later in the check-out process)

  • Corte Madera (SF Bay Area), Sept 20-21

You have 2 Options for Registration:

1. Register at Full Price, $797 per person

Register at full price

2. or Register below with Promo Code, $397 per person


… Make us or break us!
John and I went through a big storm in our relationship – the kind that was going to make us or break us. We used the tools that you gave us and we not only made it through the difficulty but we have grown more deeply and unconditionally connected.”



I thought we had lost love and passion. But we are so happy and in love again…
I thought we had lost love and passion. But we are so happy and in love again that we have endorphins running just from being around each other! I had no idea it could be like this – my relationship is way better than I even thought possible!

You have given me relationship tools to empower myself and my life. A step by step process that makes sense… and WORKS!

For example, today I got pissed at my husband. And we used the tools together and resolved the whole issue in five minutes. FIVE MINUTES!! Over! Done! Completely cleared!

In the past, that would have escalated into a huge fight that would have lasted for days or weeks! And to resolve it, I would have made some critical compromise to mitigate the damage. Now I do not have to do that because now I know there is a way for both myself and my husband to get what we want.

Even our kids are commenting how much happier and lighter and relaxed we are.

To think, when we first came to you we were on the verge of divorce!

Thanks for your insight, expertise and guidance. You are a God-send!”



My wife moved back into the master bedroom …
After GYTL, my wife moved back into the master bedroom. She’s walking around with a smile on her face again, feeling hopeful about our marriage. I am so very happy.”



We’re doing so well!
We’re doing so well. … Definitely due in large part to your and Christians’ amazing caring, ideas, training and wonderful energy. Our relationship feels like golden light now.”

Silvia & Bill


It helped me feel confident I deserved this man!
I knew the course would be valuable, but I did not know its effects would be as paradigm shifting and long lasting as they have been! GYTL helped me feel confident that I deserved and could lovingly maintain a relationship with this man. So that’s what I’m doing!”



“I strongly believe if we had met you six or twelve months ago that our marriage could have been saved”



We got to give ourselves to love …
It was an amazing, power-packed, full-on 2-day workshop that shifted a lot of things internally for both myself and my partner in our relationship. We got to fully experience giving ourselves to love, to be love and to receive love. Amazing tools that we can use every day of our lives.”



This was by far the most fun thing I’ve ever done.
Sonika & Christian are fabulous mentors. They’re a fantastic example of what all of us would really like to have in a relationship”.



And best of all, I started a wonderful relationship with a man
My inner and outer life has changed immeasurably! I am the happiest and healthiest I have been in years. My earnings for the first six months of this year are the highest ever. I have raised my rates to clients. My relationships with family have become gentler and more loving.

And best of all, I started a wonderful relationship with a man after being single for three years”



My wife and I have gained priceless insights and tools …
The content of your seminars is extremely well thought out and presented. I was able to relate your real life experiences to my own and learn from the clarity you portray. My wife and I have gained priceless insights and tools from attending your weekends. I cannot rate you highly enough!”




(You’ll pick your preferred training later in the check-out process)

  • Corte Madera (SF Bay Area), Sept 20-21

(You’ll pick your preferred training later in the check-out process)

  • Corte Madera (SF Bay Area), Sept 20-21

You have 2 Options for Registration:

1. Register at Full Price, $797 per person
Register at full price
2. or Register below with Promo Code, $397 per person


FAQ’s About Give Yourself to Love

“My privacy is important – do I have to ‘air my dirty laundry’ “?
No, absolutely not. You get to decide what and how much you share every step along the way. We create a very safe, relaxed, light-hearted environment within which to learn new ways to be in relationship.

“I’m busy. I just don’t have time for this”
Yes, we certainly know what it’s like to have a full plate. After going to work, dealing with kids, cooking, cleaning, shopping, and paying the bills, what time is left to focus on your relationship? We want to invite you to ask yourself, “What are my priorities? What’s really important for me and my family?” After having worked with hundreds of couples, we can state clearly that you don’t have time NOT to invest in your relationship. Just think how much time you’ve wasted in unproductive arguments that went nowhere. Don’t waste another precious moment.

“Can I get my money back?”
Yes, we have a total satisfaction guarantee. It’s really simple: After the entire training, if you don’t think it was amazing and totally useful, you can ask for your money back, and you’ll get it. Just like that.

“I’m Single – is this for me?”
Absolutely! We always have singles at Give Yourself to Love. There is no better way to create your dream relationship than to immerse yourself in a relationship world right now.
By the way, did you know that the skills you need to get into relationship are the very same you will need to keep a relationship growing? Many a single person has left our course and quickly created a love relationship, just from practicing our new relationship paradigm skills!

“Money’s pretty tight right now … ”
Yes, we understand that can sometime be a challenge. But trust us when we say, the price of admission is A LOT less expensive than legal council! Commit to making it happen; go for creating a miracle. Or call us if you need help to get creative, we’ve helped many people make it happen.

“Is one workshop really going to make a difference?”
YES! We’ve stopped counting how many people have been totally floored at the transformation from this one weekend. Silvia said (she came with her husband as an absolute last ditch effort), “Oh my God! Everything is different! I got my husband back!” And take another look at the testimonials throughout this page.

“I don’t like big groups”
We create a very safe and intimate environment for you. You will not be the first one to have attended who had that concern. Much of the time, you will be in smaller groups, or with your partner. Not to worry, we take good care of you.

“We’re not even sure we want to stay together”
Perfect. Lots of couples have come to Give Yourself to Love on the brink of divorce and totally turned their relationship around, and gotten their husband or wife “back”. Some have gone on to create loving, cooperative separations. No matter what you choose with your current relationship, you will leave feeling much more confident in your ability to create a positive relationship experience going forward.

“We just met. We’re in love. We don’t have any problems”
Congratulations. How wonderful. What you’ll learn at Give Yourself to Love will give you surefire ways to KEEP that in-love state going forever, instead of spiraling downhill after 6-12 months. Remember, all relationships started out with lots of love and no problems. If you have the right paradigm and tools, it is completely possible to keep it that way (and if you don’t, the “honeymoon” will surely end)

“We’re not doing THAT bad. We’ll get support later … “
That’s what our friend Steve said before his wife crossed the Tipping Point and she was off with another man. He figured “we’ll deal with the problems some day”. Except, some day never came. And now it’s too late. Pay attention to the warning signs, and DO NOT wait till “some day”.

“Do we have to be there for the whole weekend?”
Yes. No exceptions. Give Yourself to Love is a whole, coherent experience. If you can’t make the entire training, change your schedule or book a weekend that works better for you.

“My partner doesn’t want to come – what do I do?”
Commit to attending anyway, no matter what. YOU want a fabulous relationship, yes? YOU know you can’t keep going as you have been! So come on your own. Your commitment is the best way to invite your partner to join you. You can even say to your partner, “I’m committed to doing what it takes to make this relationship amazing. I’m going to Give Yourself to Love. I really want you to come. Would you be willing to come with me?” If your partner has reservations, you can invite him or her to contact us. Sometimes speaking with us can help build trust and mitigate fears and concerns. But if your partner insists on not attending, come by yourself. We have seen many people unilaterally turn their relationship around.

“Are we going to be sitting on our butts for two days?”
We do provide chairs to sit on 🙂 But no, Give Yourself to Love is not a lecture where you’re sitting on your butt for two days while we drone on. We know that you learn much better when you are engaged and actively participating in exercises, so you can actually experience what we are teaching. Our relationship training is continuously shifting from class-style teaching, to break-out groups, to paired exercises and large group activities. At our last training, Steve said, “This is the first workshop I’ve ever been to where I haven’t looked at the clock once!”

“We need childcare – what do we do?”
We recommend doing your best to take care of your child(ren). Ask your parents, friends, or neighbors. You might even try asking the “angels” for a miracle in the childcare department (incidentally, you would not be the first who had gotten childcare for the training that way:-) You going to Give Yourself to Love is the best gift you can ever give your child(ren).

“We can’t make it to the date listed here”
When you register for Give Yourself to Love, you have the right to reschedule your date one time to another training.


(You’ll pick your preferred training later in the check-out process)

  • Corte Madera (SF Bay Area), Sept 20-21


(You’ll pick your preferred training later in the check-out process)

  • Corte Madera (SF Bay Area), Sept 20-21

You have 2 Options for Registration:

1. Register at Full Price, $797 per person

Register at full price

2. or Register below with Promo Code, $397 per person