Good Divorce Book

The Good Divorce!
Live Evening and Book Signing with the Authors of “The Good Divorce Book – How to consciously create the best possible outcome for you and your family”

Saturday, February 22, 2014, 5 – 9 PM, Liaison Lounge & Restaurant, Sacramento CA

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Divorce?

> Dread about your impending divorce?
> Memories of a past divorce?
> Pain of the impact it had on your kids?
> Feeling empathy for all those who’ve gone through divorce.
> Or just hoping it’ll never happen to you?

Like it or not, divorce is here to stay! Around half of all of us have experienced it, or willgo through it (at least for now).

DivorceCertainly, divorce has the benefit that you can get out of a terrible relationship, but most often it comes at a very high price. Emotional anguish, financial stress or outright disaster, and if you have kids, the strain of them now being in the middle (not to mention the massive amount of coordination it takes to simply make life work).

There is another option, though ….

That’s what this book is for.

“The Good Divorce Book – How to consciously create the best possible outcome for you and your family”

Written by Becky Shook-Wotzka, M.A, Psychology Practitioner and master mediator of divorces, Andy Silvert, MBA, who created a good divorce with his ex-wife; and with a special contribution by our own Sonika Tinker, this book is created to give you both the practical steps to navigate your through divorce, but also the mindset and emotional “stances” to take so you can use your divorce to deepen you relationship skills.

You’re invited to a book signing where all the authors will be present for conversation in an informal fashion.

You’ll discover that divorce can:Relaxed, Divorced Couple

  • Turn out to be a GOOD thing!
  • Be used to your advantage
  • Take place in a friendly, loving atmosphere
  • Leave your kids perfectly healthy and intact
  • Be completed effectively while maintaining a good relationship with your ex.

It’s totally free, and you’ll be in a safe, relaxed environment.

Please bring your partner or a friend!

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