Crazy Stupid Love


A Light-Hearted Evening About Love & Relationship


Love is so wonderful we all want it. Except when you lose it, then you go crazy.

Love fills your heart. Except when you don’t have it, then you ache to fill the void.

Love heals all wounds. Except sometimes, love is what causes those same wounds!

Love is crazy amazing, it’s the best. Except when it turns you stupid and uncontrollable and you do and say things you shouldn’t have.

If love is all that, how come it almost always starts out electric and juicy, but years later, turns comfortably boring?

Why do couples who start out loving each other like there’s no tomorrow, end up bickering about stupid stuff like the dishes, or the trash, or driving habits, or whatever?

Why do singles, who once loved someone with an open heart, get so gun-shy they don’t dare throw themselves into another relationship?

Perhaps we can start here: Love can be hard to figure out and make sense of. It can be really tricky to sort out in yourself, let alone with another human being.

And yet it’s indisputable that love is the most sought-after “commodity” in the world. People who have it shine and radiate with confidence. People who don’t have it seem to pale and wither. No amount of money, insurance, shopping, Netflix, or “stuff” can replace it.

We all know there’s truth to the saying that on your deathbed, you’re not going to be wishing for more money or time at the office, rather, you will wish for another look at a beloved partner, child, or friend.

In our experience working with thousands of couples and singles, a ton of agony, heartbreak, wasted time and money, can be spared by using a set of key tools and insight about love and relationship.

That’s what CRAZY STUPID LOVE is all about.

It’s an event designed to have some fun with the often overly serious and arduous process of “working on your relationship”.

You are invited to a brand new presentation, Crazy Stupid Love!

At this mini-workshop, here’s some of what you will experience:

✔ Discover some common misunderstandings you have about men and women
✔ Learn why you often fight about stupid stuff
✔ Explore how you keep yourself feeling lonely and separate rather than connected
✔ Uncover what keeps you stuck and in the dark about your relationship issues
✔ Gain insight into a brand new way to be in relationship that will result in more love, laughter and connection!
✔ Have some fun while improving your relationships 🙂

So if you’re ready for an event that might change how you look at your love relationships for the rest of your life, come join us!

The event is free!

Please bring your partner and your friends.

Couples and Singles welcome.

Available Dates and Locations:

Sun, Jan 14
1:00 – 3:00 PM
Unity Center of Davis
646 A St.
Davis, CA

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Here’s to a giant love breakthrough for you!!

🙂 Sonika & Christian

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