Give Yourself to Love

Intro Training for Couples and Singles

Whether 20-years married or single, almost everything you’ve learned about relationships is wrong! What’s even worse, and tragic, is that almost everything you do to improve your relationship situation actually makes it worse!

This mind-altering training takes all you know and believe about love and relationship and turns it on its head, and will leave you with a clear path and effective tools to actually create the relationship you dream of.

Our approach to relationship is uplifting and positive. You don’t have to air your dirty laundry or process every childhood memory before you begin to feel happy and in love.

After this training, it’ll make so much sense to you why you haven’t yet created the relationship of your dreams, and why you keep having “problems”. Read more …

Heart of Relating

Turn Your Relationship Around in 7 Short Weeks!

This comprehensive 7-week home study course has everything in it you wish you’d learned before you got into relationship! We affectionately call it our “Relationship Bible!”

When your intimacy dries out; when you have the same dumb arguments over and over again; or when you stop talking altogether, it’s only because you don’t know what else to do. If you had better options, you’d use them, right?

There’s no reason you’re relationship shouldn’t be fun, uplifting, mutually satisfying, and full of passion, intimacy and great sex. This home study course will give the tools to make that happen.

It’s like Eva said: “Jason and I are like kids re-inventing how to be together so that every day is like the first day. The homework in The Heart of Relating keeps replacing all the negative stuff with new fun positive possibilities.” Read more …

Private Couples Coaching

Sometimes, you just need some help to get un-stuck! You’ve already tried having the difficult conversations, you’ve tried expressing how you feel, but you just seem to get stuck or mad or hurt, and nothing really moves forward. And sometimes, you just need a private, safe, confidential place to work it out.

We have coached and guided hundreds and hundreds of couples just like you.
Our coaching is an uplifting alternative to traditional therapy or counseling (and many of our clients come to us after those methodologies either failed or didn’t produce sufficient results). We don’t focus on digging around in your past or your childhood. Turns out, often you’re problems only get worse the more you analyze, scrutinize, and dissect them, leaving you feeling drained! We are much more interested – and so are you, we’ll bet! – in getting you moving towards where you’d like to be, so you can begin to feel better now, have increased intimacy now, enjoy more love and fun now. It’s a lot easier to improve your situation if you can begin to harvest some of the benefits right now!

If you are interested in coaching, please contact us via the link here. For private coaching, it’s easier to talk in person to figure out exactly what you need and how we best support you (and the fees will depend on what we determine). Read more …

Relationship Audio Presentations

Loving Conflict: Seeing Conflict Through New Eyes

Everyday conflicts are the most common destroyer of relationships. When you don’t have a good system for dealing with them, they’ll just suck the life out of your love! Get a totally new viewpoint on your conflicts. Read more and download …

Full Potential

Using the power of visualization to create from the future instead of being mired down by your past. This audio will tell why visualization is not just another airy-fairy new-age technique, but a highly efficient, proven method to create yourself to be the person you want to be. Includes guided visualizations for you and for your relationship. Read more and download …

Creating Abundance From Nothing

When you discover how to use the proper principles to create your love and relationship life as you desire it, you’ll want to use this same powerful approach to create the rest of your life. We do, and it’s working magic! This audio presents how to create material abundance from scratch! Read more and download …