An Unforgettable Love & Romance Event

Put your relationship at the top of your priority list this Valentine's Day

Being a couple these days isn’t easy! Between going to work or running your business, paying bills, taking care of your home and pets and aging parents, it doesn’t leave a lot of space for your romantic life. 

Add in children, and it gets even more challenging. By the time you are done with meals, dishes, homework, baths and bedtime, you’re a zombie yourself, and sweet together-time with your mate is the last thing on your mind. If you can just get 10 min in front of the TV by yourself before you fall asleep, it's a lucky night. 

And yet, as the months and years tick by, with a never-ending barrage of obligations and responsibilities, your union begins to feel the wear and tear of not attending to each other and your romantic life. 

"Wanna have sex tonight, when the kids are in bed?"

Misunderstandings and slights build up. You know those moments where you miss each other and snap a little more than you meant to. 

Can’t you pick up your dirty socks off the floor?” 

“You didn't get food? You said you were going to go grocery shopping!” 

“A little help around here would be nice, you know!” 

“You spent how much?!” 

 “No, I don't wanna have sex tonight! I’m getting up a six. Is that all you ever think about?” 

Every time you talk to each other like this, it hurts. But ... being a resilient person, you dust yourself off and get back to work. But the hurt doesn’t go away. These little "ouch'es" pile up and your connection is negatively affected. You get annoyed with each other. You spend less and less quality time together.  

When you finally have a bit of downtime together, there’s typically a screen involved, which is nice for zoning out, but does nothing to nourish your soul or your love. 

Take two days out of your busy life to fall in love again! 

Let’s be frank. Marriage, or any committed romantic relationship, is hardly ever as easy as you imagined when you were first madly in love. It takes something to manage your differences and process the emotional roller coaster of life. Not to mention handling the day to day logistics of everyday life!

The truth is, you miss each other! 

When you stop the busy-ness for a moment and tune in to yourself … the truth is, you probably miss your partner. You miss your lover. You miss BEING a lover. You miss having easy times together. You miss laughing. You miss enjoying each other’s company. You miss those lengthy deep conversations and extended lovemaking sessions. You miss feeling seen, known and touched. You miss slowing down and really appreciating each other. 

The love is there. Somewhere. Sometimes it gets lost in the shuffle, but it’s there. And it's not for lack of trying, either. You DO work hard. You DO take care of the kids and your jobs and your bills and your duties. It’d just be nice if you could feel like you were on the same team, working for the same purpose, and could havesome fun while you travel down this crazy road of life. 

If you just had time and space for real lovemaking. 

If you could get to hang out with your best friend for a bit, without all the stress and craziness. 

If you could reconnect with your love and remember what it’s all for, it would soothe your soul.

If you could just find a way to really communicate ... 

That’s what The Couples Experience is for. 

A weekend for you to dive into one another without interruption and distraction, reconnect heart to heart, revive your passion, and remember yourselves as lovers. 

A weekend that’s just for you, the two of you working together to protect and enhance the most important asset you have in this life: Your relationship.  

A weekend where you get supported and challenged by experienced facilitators to weed out what gets in your way, while strengthening your skills as a couple. 

A weekend where you get to see each other with fresh eyes and fall in love again! 

Some Highlights of What You Will Experience: 

  •  Deeply reconnect in love 
  •  See your mate like never before 
  •  Re-energize your passion 
  •  Say what needs to be said, and get heard
  •  Work as a team 
  •  Realign and unify your hearts and bodies 
  •  Deep connecting conversations 
  •  Tools for dealing with conflicts and disagreements 
  •  Fall in love all over again 

 Your Facilitators

Sonika & Christian, dynamic husband-wife team, have been saving marriages and rejuvenating love for a combined 35 years. Sonika Tinker, MSW, is a Certified NLP Professional, Certified Enneagram Teacher and co-author of The Good Divorce. Christian Pedersen is a Certified Life Coach and Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author of When You Love Your Woman. Together, they have empowered thousands of couples and singles to create passionate, intimate, inspiring lives and relationships. They have a unique gift for helping you cut through the stress and craziness of relationship and reconnect you in love and passion!  

It's not a therapy session! 

Just to be clear, this weekend will not be a therapy session. In our experience, most couples don't need therapy. You just need some education, efficient tools and strategies for "cutting through the crap", and most of all, the skills to get back to love quickly and reliably

At the Couples Experience, you'll be spending some 18 hrs with us, so if you compared that to traditional counseling sessions at $175/hr, this course should cost $3150. But it doesn't. 

As a matter of fact, if you register before Jan 15th, you are eligible for the early-registration price of $797! This is less than half our normal $1994 value. And that's not even per person -- that's for the two of you! ❤️

Event Details

  • When: Saturday and Sunday, Feb 11-12, 2017 (the weekend before Valentine's Day:) 
  • Where: Corte Madera, CA. (5 min N of the San Francisco Golden Gate bridge, on Hwy 101). At the cozy Corte Madera Inn. Think: Big, soft beds. Big hot tub. Big heated pool. 
  • Investment to participate: $1,994 for a couple.
  • Early Registration offer (valid through Jan 15th): $797 for a couple!! Use Coupon Code COEXERLREG when you check out.