Live Presentation: Connecting Through Conflict

Connecting Through Conflict:
Using Fights to Deepen Intimacy
Live Evening w/ Sonika & Christian, November 6, Grass Valley, 7-9:30pm

If you’ve found this page, you know about fights,
disagreements, and conflicts in relationships!

couple making faces

You’ve probably experienced how recurring conflicts in relationship can drain the sweet life out of your love for each other and leave you feeling worn down.

You’ve asked yourself …

– Why can’t we just agree?
– Why can’t he just see things my way?
– Why does she always have to argue about everything?
– Why can’t we just work things out?

We say conflicts are the every day-tragedy of love relationships.


Because your inability to effectively deal with everyday conflicts leads to tragic outcomes.

And it’s totally unnecessary!

Conflicts and fights were never meant to wear you out and tear you apart.
They’re not supposed to be the bulk of your communication, or even take up very much time at all.

In this free evening, we’ll give you a totally different understanding of and approach to conflicts.

You’ll see how conflicts are …

  • A great excuse for DEEPENING your intimacy
  • Designed to build unbreakable trust between you
  • A “cue” sent from your commitments and desires
  • The biggest sign that you’re ready for new adventures and positive change

You’ll walk away not having to fear when the next conflict is going to show up.
And you’ll experience it doesn’t have to be arduous work, but can be lighthearted and even fun!

This evening is totally free, and you’ll be in a safe group with other good people.
You never have to air your dirty laundry or tell us about your private conflicts.
This evening is about Love, not about confrontation or crazy stunts.
We take good care of you!

And please bring your partner or a friend!

Reserve your seat in the form below. Once you do, we’ll send you an email with all the details.