Assistant Leadership Program

LoveWorks’ Assistant Leadership Program!
Who It’s For

Graduates of LoveWorks’ Mastery Program who …

  • Want to deepen their understanding of LoveWorks’ principles
  • Are ready to take massive steps into fully living a Full Potential life and relationship!
  • Truly want to serve the work of Love

Program Summary

At LoveWorks, you have learned that you create your own reality. You know how to step into love. You have experienced the power and possibility of focusing on your own and other’s Full Potential. But how do you integrate this way of being at workshops into your life? How do you keep from slipping back into old small reactive habits at home, work, on dates, in life?

When you are fully present and can stand firmly in your value, when you KNOW without question the difference you make, you become a shining magnet for others. People flock to you, eager for your leadership and love. People want to support you. When you stand in your Full Potential heart and give freely to others, all you want is yours.

In this program, you will learn how to show up as a successful, loving contribution to others. You will deepen your understanding of LoveWorks principles through selfless service. You will gain insight into your blocks to love and success, and be supported to push past fears and limitations to be all you want to be. You will also have opportunities to step into a leadership role and receive coaching for helping you do so. Together, we will create a safe environment where you are freed up to be your BEST self in life and relationship.

Promise of the Program

  • To inspire you to show up as a powerful, successful, loving, valuable resource & leader to others
  • To help you discover the power of focused partnership and synergistic co-creation
  • To support you to move past your resistance to playing BIG and realizing the best of your dreams and visions
  • To experience the exhilaration and freedom that comes from playing BIG, being fully transparent and real, and giving to / being of service to others
  • To empower you to be a fully capable, confident team player and Assistant in a workshop environment

Program Format and Specs

  • One-year program
  • 16 live interactive focus calls with paired/group exercises, hot seats, laser coaching, Spirit Voice sessions, and powerful thought-provoking content
  • Twice-monthly emails with homework assignment and/or accountability reminders to support you to stay engaged and on track.
  • Recordings of calls
  • Four-week Forgiveness class
  • Commit to assisting a minimum of 6 workshops throughout the year
  • Attend assistants meetings: Friday evening of the workshop you are assisting, as well as arriving early and staying late on Saturdays and Sundays of said workshops.
  • Assistants-only retreat, date TBD (we’re aiming for a date over the summer. May include an additional fee, depending on numbers of assistants and retreat venue fees)

Intended Results

  • To take your relationship life to new heights; to live a Full Potential Relationship
  • To experience the delight of being called forth in selfless service to others
  • To step more fully into your Full Potential being with the mentorship of Sonika and Christian and the support of LoveWorks’ master players
  • To deepen your learning of LoveWorks’ principles
  • To successfully complete a project of your choosing that irrevocably demonstrates your capacity to create anything to set your mind to
  • To give up complaint, blame, victim and playing small in favor of playing BIG and taking responsibility for absolutely EVERYTHING
  • To discover the power of setting intentions and moving committedly through life
  • To provide a structure for you to complete the incompletions in your life that prevent you from accessing the fullness of your power and creativity
  • To support Sonika and Christian in the setting up and running of LoveWorks’ relationship trainings, calls and workshops
  • To prepare you for, and pave the way for, a Facilitator Training (ALP will be a pre-requisite)
  • To empower you to step more fully into a fully expressed leadership role in your life where you are fully called forth to contribute to others


$1200 per person (scholarships not available. Payment plans may be available, ask us).


  • Attend other LoveWorks courses and support calls as participant free of charge (does not include Women’s Retreat, Esalen or other retreats)
  • Receive all LoveWorks product downloads

Next Step

If you’re seriously interested in being part of this new program, fill out the form below to receive an application by email. Once you do, fill out the application and email it back to us. You’ll then hear back from us inside a couple of days.

Please notice LoveWorks reserves the right to decline any application.

Thanks for your interest!