How To Make Her Happy

How To Make Her Happy

Have you ever been baffled by what it takes to make her happy?

Well, you’re not alone in that. Men all over the world are having similar experiences with their women.

You try your hardest to please her, right?

You go to work or tend to your business so you can provide a good life for you.
But she still wants more from you.

You listen as best you can to her concerns. But she still says, “you never listen to me”.

When you need a little time for yourself, she might say, “you never want to be with me”.

Or when you want to go out with your friends, she may at first say, “OK, you go ahead, Honey”.
But then later, maybe a month later, she’ll be all over you about it.

And you’re left with a big ol’ question mark on your face, going, “I just can’t win with her! It’s
impossible to make her happy”.

In my years of working with couples, this may be the most common problem men (and women) run into.

You know how frustrating this can be, right? And even though it may seem unlikely, your woman is
actually having the same kind of frustration in her own way. She’s thinking, “Why can’t he just understand?”

It all boils down to how we think and speak as men.

We have totally different operating systems from women. It’s like PC’s and Macs … different operating
systems (although I’m not saying if we men are PC’s or Macs:-)

When she says, “Alright, go out with your friends, I’ll stay home with the kids”, you can be fairly certain
it’s not actually alright. Which is why she’ll bring it up a month later, because it’s still not alright, and
she can’t let it go until it has been made alright.

The first step to learning to speak “Woman” is to understand that her words aren’t her primary way of
communicating. Her feelings are. When she says, “Alright you can go out”, her words definitely say
she’s cool with it. But her REAL, unspoken communication is more like, “Aww, I was looking forward
to being with you. I love being with you. Don’t you want to hang out with me anymore?”

It can get pretty confusing until you get it. For now, just know that her words don’t necessarily speak
her truth, and you’d be well advised to check out the emotional truth behind her words.

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