Restoring Intimacy

One of the greatest treasures of relationship is intimacy. Why, then, does intimacy seem to be such a fickle friend, so elusive and fragile? And why does it feel so hard to re-create
once it’s fled? Read more …

7 Reasons Why Dates Don’t Work

Are you tired of the dating scene?

Sick of superficial interactions?

Do you leave dates and singles events feeling more lonely and discouraged than ever?

How many times have you had an experience like this one?

You’re about to go out on a date. You dress your sharpest, check for spinach between your teeth, make sure you have breath mints, square your shoulders, put on your best face,
and out the door you go. Read more …

Sex In Relationship

Isn’t it funny how we always put sex last on the list?

Well, more sad than funny really.

It’s like anything that feels good only happens AFTER everything else is done – which you may have noticed HARDLY EVER happens!

Sex is right up there with watching sunsets and smelling flowers, taking a walk barefoot in the grass or picking blackberries and making a pie, running through sprinklers, roasting marshmallows and singing around the campfire,
painting a picture or swimming at night… Read more …

Is This “The One”?

Exploring a new relationship with someone is both an exhilarating experience and a frightening one. Here you are opening your heart, soul and body to someone with wild abandon and love with absolutely no commitment or guarantee of any future.
Read more …

Love and Giving in Relationship

Love gives.

And this is no more obvious than at the beginning of relationship.

When in love, we are generous with our giving. We bestow upon our beloved an abundance of touch and attention. We offer gifts and love notes and phone calls. We make love for hours. We listen to each other with great rapture and divulge all of our secrets. We make delicious meals for each other and delight over the sharing of food together. We fix things that are broken when we know it will bring relief or joy. We are willing to go out of our way for each other. We can’t wait to show and express our love. Read more …

The Tipping Point In Relationship

We know a couple who split up last week. He said he was done.
Moved out. Just like that.

She was shocked. She had no idea he was close to leaving. He said he wanted to find another woman – someone who wouldn’t criticize him.

It happened so fast. She is now unexpectedly a single woman, living on her own with chickens, garden, bills … Read more …

Relationship Tip Works Like Magic

How would you like to have a ‘magic wand’ at your disposal for use in your relationship? To be used when your partner says stuff like, ‘Can’t you pick up after yourself’? Or, ‘Can’t a man get some peace around here?’. Or any other of those annoyed remarks that have a tendency to spiral down into further un-pleasantries
Read more …

How To Make Her Happy

Have you ever been baffled by what it takes to make her happy?

Well, you’re not alone in that. Men all over the world are having similar experiences with their women.

You try your hardest to please her, right? Read more …

Togetherness or Space?

For many couples in relationship, fights about how much quality time to spend together or apart is commonplace. Usually one partner is arguing for more time together, while the other is arguing for more time to him or herself. Read more …