Affiliate Program Materials

Welcome Affiliates!

Please find instructional videos and other useful materials below.


Review and sign our Affiliate Agreement with Terms & Conditions first. It was sent to you in a separate email. Once you sign it, you’ll receive your own copy for your records. READ IT! It’s not just the usual blah-blah. (If you can’t find this email, check your spam folder. If still not, contact us to have it resent).

Some highlights to state upfront:

>> You can only get credit for a referral once you’ve officially become a LoveWorks Affiliate, i.e. you’ve signed the Affiliate Agreement.

>> LoveWorks can only guarantee you get credit for a referral if that person has used your affiliate link and our relationship management system OfficeAutoPilot has tagged that referral with your affiliate code. That means we can not necessarily guarantee you credit for verbal referrals. (See the Affiliate Agreement for our policy on this matter).

>> “Last cookie takes priority”. This means that if two Affiliates refer the same person to a LoveWorks program, the affiliate link that the person used last, will be given credit.

>> You need to print, fill out, and return to us an IRS W9 form before we can send you money. Download the W9 form here

>> LoveWorks reserves the right to terminate the Agreement at any time, and so may you.

>> You are expected to conduct yourself with proper etiquette when talking about LoveWorks.

>> And of course, you can make good money telling your friends and contacts how Love works:-)

Instructional Videos


Video #1: Your Affiliate Center

Video #2: What Is An Affiliate Link?

Video #3: How To Use An Affiliate Link

Video #4: How To Use Pre-Written Emails

Emails we’ve written for you (for you to send to your friends and contacts) (Word Doc):

Click here to download document “Email Sequence for Friends and Contacts”