About LoveWorks

About LoveWorks

Welcome to LoveWorks!

Once upon a time, you fell in love and wham, you loved someone with all of your heart and soul and mind and body! You felt euphoric bliss and couldn’t wait to spend your life with this magnificent being!

Then later, maybe months or years later, that same person begins to drive you absolutely crazy! Now, instead of love and bliss and passion, you feel frustrated, lonely, misunderstood, sad, pissed off. Maybe you settle and go through the motions. Maybe you have an affair on the side. Maybe you disappear into work or television or a favorite hobby. Or maybe you get divorced and hope you will be luckier next time. No matter what you choose, you can’t help but wonder, what the heck happened?

You are not alone. The rampant divorce rate is testimony to that. For many, relationships are hard. A mystery. A struggle.

Well, it is no wonder.

As pervasive and inescapable as relationship is, it is the one domain (perhaps along with parenting and sex) where most of us receive little or no training and still expect ourselves to succeed. We’re basically winging it every day. Any book we might happen to read on the subject, we expect to have downloaded into our brains instantaneously and be translated into action all by itself. When this is not the case and we find ourselves in the same unworkable relationship scenarios over and over again, we resign ourselves to settling for less than what we want, or ditching our current partner in favor of someone else – unsure of what to do differently.

But the desire to love and find love and join with another in delightful partnership is, thankfully, a dream that doesn’t die easily.

In this day and age of rampant divorce, third or fourth marriages, and numerous failed relationships, it can be a refreshing relief to know that your love doesn’t have to die.

We are a stand for love. Love Works! No matter how many “failed” relationships you’ve had – Love is a real, doable option for you!

You just need to learn how to “DO” love.

In order to move differently in relationships and sex, you need new distinctions and practices. You can’t expect different results when you employ the same unworkable relationship behaviors that you have practiced for decades.

If you are like most of the people we work with, you are naive, impatient and unrealistic about what is required to create a successful relationship. Not by any fault of your own, mind you. You simply have not received any training to know otherwise.

LoveWorks is a relationship training company that teaches simple, easy-to-integrate relationship distinctions and practices that open up new possibilities for you in relationship.

Think about this…

You need to learn something new to DO something new.

This is true for any professional. A doctor is not a BETTER person than you or me. They have merely studied distinctions in physiology and medicine that allow them to take different actions in the face of a broken arm or illness than the average person. They can identify veins and bones and muscles that we can’t see, and they know what to do when someone breaks a bone or gets the flu. Same with any “expert”: Pilot, tennis pro, fire fighter, politician, Olympic athlete, etc. They merely have taken the time to study distinctions that allow them to make different moves and produce different results in their various fields.

Well, at LoveWorks, we are relationship experts. We have distinctions in the domain of relationship, sex and intimacy that allow you to see your relationship interactions completely differently than you usually do. When you fight, for example, we can help you slow it down, make different interpretations and adjustments, and in the end, TA-DA! You feel wildly closer and more enlivened afterwards, instead of disconnected, hurt and hopeless like before!

We believe that patiently and consistently practicing these new ways of thinking and behaving are a must for successful relating. It takes time for bodies to learn new ways of being (we are more like plants than machines). Knowing something in your head is not the same as knowing it in your body and being able to act consistent with what you know. Therefore, our experiential trainings are essential for you to have ample opportunity to practice and embody what we teach, so you can actually get on with experiencing positive changes in your relationship!

We believe relationships are meant to be fun and easy, enlivening and empowering, passionate and fulfilling. With our unique and practical approach to relationship, you learn how to resolve conflicts quickly and easily, to understand and forgive one another, and to step into love whenever you want. You learn how to reignite your sexual spark from scratch and heat up the passion in your love life. We actually teach you how to DO love. You discover the secrets to creating successful relationship – over and over again for the rest of your life.

We bring together principles from the law of attraction, cognitive biology and transformational psychology. Our work holistically includes the emotional, physical, sexual, spiritual and intellectual needs we have as human beings in relationship. All feelings, desires, beliefs, problems and behaviors in your relationship are safely respected and confidentially used as launching pads to create ALL of what you truly want in your relationship.

We believe that there is nothing wrong with you or your partner, and that no one needs to be fixed or blamed. Some behaviors and beliefs just want to be changed, but the core of you is perfect pure potentiality.

We teach you to see and bring out the best in each other. We believe that by focusing on who you are committed to being, telling the truth, taking responsibility, moving with integrity and personal power, highlighting what you really want, shifting inconsistent behaviors and thoughts, and working together as partners to co-create the highest possible desire, that intimacy, aliveness, playfulness and success in relationship are not only possible, but inevitable.

Many see us as an alternative to traditional therapy, saying that the transformation that occurs in a two-day training is equal to three years of intensive weekly therapy. You don’t need to air your dirty laundry, dredge up the past or process the same stuff for hours on end. In fact, one couple, on the verge of divorce after 30 years of marriage and years of therapy exclaimed, “I didn’t know that working on our marriage could be so fun!” (They’re happier than ever and have since sent their adult kids to our training.)

Our work is for couples and singles. You can attend with a partner or come by yourself, whether in relationship or not. In fact, we deliberately include both singles and couples together in our courses – singles help couples not get stuck in old patterns, and couples help singles get into a relationship mindset. In the end, all of us need to learn the same EXACT relationship practices for finding relationship and sustaining a marriage. So no matter your relationship status or situation, our work will give you a radical new way to approach relationship that will help you in EVERY relationship, to create more of the love, intimacy and good feeling you long for.

Sign up for our free weekly 3-min videos. Or better yet, attend a free presentation. You’ll not only be inspired, but you’ll get a sense of the mind-blowing difference we can make for your love life!

Or if you are ready to go for it, sign up for our massively transformational introductory 2-day course, Give Yourself to Love.

Contact us if you have any specific questions or concerns. We will be happy to explore with you how our relationship training programs and sessions can be of help to you in your particular situation.

Remember, with the right training and support, Love Works!