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You Used To Be Interesting …

Remember how interesting your parter was in the beginning?

He or she seemed like the most intriguing person you’d ever met, and you had a unquenchable desire to know everything about him, and to discover every nook and cranny about her body and historyand family and everything else. Remember?

Did you ever consider ….

How did you have hour-long conversation without ever getting bored? Why was your partner so enigmatically interesting to you? Was it because her history was so uniquely dramatic that movies should have been made about her? Was it because his charisma and skill set were so extraordinary you were sure he was headed for global fame?

What was it that captivated you so intensely you doted on every word from his lips?

We’re going to let you sit with that question while we ask another one:

What changed since then?

Why are you no longer mesmerized by his every word? Why do you think you know what she’s going to say ten seconds into her speech?

How did intense curiosity turn to such familiar, even dull, routine?

Watch the video for a ridiculously simple method to revitalize the life and curiosity of your relationship.

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A Quick Masterful Tool To Feel Better

I just read a great book written by Harvard psychologist Shawn Achor. It’s called The Happiness Advantage. In essence, the book systematically lists the measurable advantages of “priming” your mind to be positive, or in other words, happy. This book is written mostly for use in your career and for businesses, but it of course translates directly to your personal, intimate relationships.

The author lists countless studies where test subjects are first “primed” with either negative, neutral, or positive emotions, and then asked to perform tasks of varying difficulty. Over and over again, the positively primed subjects outperform the others. Doctors make better and faster diagnosis, random people find money prizes faster, Harvard students score higher grades, on an on it goes.

The whole message is: Happiness is not just a fancy luxury, it’s the most efficient state of mind to get anything done, achieve your highest performance, and live a happy, healthy life. Now proven by science (so it’s gotta be true!)

We of course wholeheartedly agree, because many of our waking hours are dedicated to figuring out and inventing better and faster ways for you to feel better in your relationship, no matter your circumstances.

One of the best and fastest, and certainly easiest, ways to do that we learned from Abraham-Hicks. it’s called the Wouldn’t-It-Be-Great-If Game. It’s brilliant in its innocent simplicity, and it flat out works! Watch the video to see it demo’ed …

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