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We’re Incompatible! It’ll Never Work!

Have you ever had a fight or disagreement with your partner, and then found yourself thinking, or saying, “We’re just not compatible! It’s never going to work out!”?

We can’t tell you how many times we hear – especially from new couples – someone telling us that they had another disagreement and it’s just “clear that it’s not working out”.

What then follows is a swift breakup, and on to the next relationship (which somehow often ends up being with someone else who’s not “compatible”)

But …. nine times out of ten, the “We’re not compatible” conversation is nothing but a distraction. Instead of dealing with the problem at hand, i.e. whatever the disagreement or fight was about, you’re now focused on the imminent breakup, and what future partner you might find who’d be better suited, and all kinds of other stuff that ISN’T the problem at hand.

Our advice to you is to never talk about breakups and incompatibility in the heat of fights or breakdowns. First deal with the breakdown, work it out. Get help from people like us if you need it. Once you’ve gained whatever personal growth benefit from dealing with the situation, and you’re calm again, then you can decide to break up, if that’s still the proper course of action. But often, once you deal and heal the situation, you’ll find you don’t want to break up, because now you’ll be feeling in love again!


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