Love's Secret: For Women Who Want More!!
A weekend retreat in gorgeous nature that will connect you back with you power!

You know that place.
That longing. To be seen. To be claimed. To be held and cherished. That desire to fully open your heart to LOVE.
The desire to dance fully in this life, unencumbered, connected to your beauty and power.
The incessant call to partner with Spirit and bring the best of your Self to each moment…

Love’s Secret: For Women Who Want More
is a luxurious weekend retreat designed to launch you into living your Full Potential Life!

In this weekend you will learn how to:
- Quit waiting for anything and live your life now!
- Explore your heart’s desire and life purpose
- Experience self-care as spiritual practice
- Tap into the gifts of self-compassion and self-acceptance
- Relax and connect with your needs and desires
- Slow down and listen to the inner guidance of Spirit
- Eternally fuel yourself from the inside out
- Explore and release hidden blocks
- Eliminate any remnants of victim, excuses or blame
- Claim your feminine power and purpose
- Access the inner guidance of Spirit
- Leverage the eternal support of the non-physical realm

Through unique interactive exercises, Spirit Voice sessions, guided visualization, movement, song, etc,
you will discover a brand new place from which to eternally source yourself with love, aliveness, power and passion,
so you can be a joyous magnet for all you desire to come to you!

If you are ready to massively take your life and relationship to the next level of greatness,
while nourishing yourself with other women in a relaxing, loving environment,
then this retreat is for YOU!

January 5-7, 2018


Under Sonika's expert guidance, you will be supported in a group of loving sisters to  release your biggest triggers, discover the gifts behind the behaviors you resist most, and rewrite negative beliefs and stories that have kept you stuck. You will unlock your power and possibility for living a fulfilled life with an open giving heart!

We'll be staying in a private estate in gorgeous natural surroundings.  We'll have time ample time for quiet walks, meditation, or simply time with new sister friends. 
The food is always pure, freshly homemade, organic. The kind of food you wish you had time to make at home, prepared and served especially for you throughout the weekend.
The retreat fee is $597, which covers all food, lodging, and teaching from Friday night to Sunday afternoon! 

An absolute master coach and workshop creator, Sonika Tinker has been supporting women for more than 35 years. She has developed an incisive ability to see through your "garbage" and take you straight to the powerful, Full Potential Women inside of you just waiting to be freed!

Here is what other women have said about the Women's Retreat:

"I was forever changed by this experience!" Maryann

"The most amazing breakthrough in my life! It's such a relief to have myself back!" Michelle 


Starts Friday 1/5/18 @ 6pm
Ends Sunday 1/7/18 @ 6pm

Private estate in the Foothils around Grass Valley (location disclosed when you register). 

Led by Sonika Tinker, MSW. 
Max # of attendees: 16
Retreat fee: $597

Fee covers informal lodging (some single, some shared). Fresh organic food, in-depth teaching. 

More questions: Email Sonika at
or call 530-878-3893.