The Gift Of Conflict

The Gift of Conflict
Advanced 2-Day Relationship Training

We’ll be honest with you …

If you don’t figure out a positive, effective way to resolve your conflicts as you go FOR GOOD, you’ll simply never get to fully enjoy the deliciousness of true partnership, deep intimacy, and mind-blowing sensuality. It really is that simple.

Most of your conflicts are recurring – that is, they keep coming back over and over again – because you don’t have a system for dealing with them as they arise and resolving them so completely that you never have to revisit the same issue again.

In The Gift of Conflict, you’ll discover that conflicts are inevitable, that they are in fact born from your commitments and desires. They are actually a positive force in your relationship … IF you know how to use them. They can be used to help you grow and become an even better version of yourself and as a catalyst for creating even more love, passion and intimacy in your relationship.

Christian and I use the conflicts, problems and challenges that show up in our lives to help us expand and grow. As a result, we rarely have disagreements, fights or conflicts. We have effectively eliminated blame, criticism and complaint in our relationship, which makes dealing with the challenges that do arise much easier. With our signature conflict resolution system, we never have the same fight twice, we repair hurts as they arise, and we have fun coming up with creative solutions to challenges that are often way better than anything we could have thought of on our own!

Many a couple have come to this training totally buried in a particular conflict that’s been driving them apart for years, only to resolve that same issue with the tools we teach in as little time as 10 minutes! No kidding! (Boy are they shocked to realize how much time they’ve wasted arguing!)

Once you get a full understanding for WHY the same type of conflicts tend to show up in your relationship repeatedly, you’ll be on your way to being free in relationship.

You see, unspoken or unresolved conflicts and resentments are to your relationship what heavy metals are to your body. No single small dose of mercury from contaminated food is detrimental to your physical system. Heck, we can handle quite a bit of that. But at some point, when the concentration of mercury in your blood gets too high, it becomes severe and even deadly.

All the “stuff” you don’t deal with, or feel you can’t say for fear of causing trouble, are like mercury to your relationship. Unresolved conflicts accumulate. Most individual conflicts don’t take you out. Like the angry way you reply when she asks why you’re home late. Or the snippy retort you have for him when he’s not paying attention. Or any of the countless arguments, fights, bickerings, and naggings that piss you off on a regular basis. But add them all together, and you have a toxic relationship situation, that if left unaddressed, will head you straight for divorce!

You HAVE to find a successful and reliable method to deal with your conflicts if you are going to create a satisfying relationship where you feel happy, expanded and in love.

The Gift of Conflict provides a positive, reliable way to help you deal with conflicts for the rest of your life.

Even more importantly, we’ll show you why you never, ever again need to dread or avoid conflicts. We’ll show you how to USE your conflicts. How to mine the gold they contain hidden in the “rubble”. With the powerful, fun, creative tools we teach, you’ll be free to move forward together, without the weight of all that painful “stuff” from the past pulling you down.

Specific tools and topics include …

  • Our signature triggers process: Know EXACTLY what to do and say when you get upset
  • Simple method to step into each other’s shoes and REALLY be heard and understood by your partner
  • Work out win-wins every time you disagree (we don’t believe in compromises!)
  • Moving as loving partners in the face of disagreement and conflict
  • How to un-box each other (literally set each other free)
  • Breakthrough fears around intense emotions, like anger
  • Discover the REAL reason you’re upset and what to do about it
  • How to effectively clean up messes and offer forgiveness
  • The essential six steps to an effective apology (not just a lame“I’m sorry”)
  • What to do and NOT do in a fight
  • How to have fun with quirks that used to drive you crazy
  • A fun alternative to “being right”
  • And lots more …

“Sonika & Christian taught me to stand in the heat of her anger”

I could never stand in the heat of Raquel’s anger. I always backed away and withdrew. Sonika & Christian taught me to stand in the heat of her anger and it has brought us infinitely closer to one another. This shift allowed me to commit to her fully [after 8 years of living together] and we then got married.

Victor & Rachel

Prerequisite for attending The Gift of Conflict is you must have attended Give Yourself to Love and be a member.

Find out about Give Yourself to Love here …


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