Not Enough


Feel like you’re not enough?

How often, in the privacy of your mind, do you have the nagging feeling that you’re just not cutting it? That you’re not enough? Not good enough, not worthy enough, not strong enough, not loving enough, not rich enough, not fit enough, etc, etc.

Once, Sonika was telling someone that she felt “not enough”, and this person gave her a very refreshing answer. She said, “Well, you’re not!”

Think about the obviousness of that reply. You’re not enough unto yourself. You can’t provide all your own food. You can’t build your own house, or make all the building materials, or get them transported. You can’t have kids by yourself, and on and on.

And, at the same time, it is paradoxically true that you are enough as you are. You’re a good person. You deserve to be loved. You want good things for yourself and those you love.

So how would you move in life and relationship if that were really true? If you really were worthy of love and all the best life had to offer, how would you treat your spouse? What would you ask for? If you really deserved good things, how would you be on your next date?

If you really were good enough, what would you do today?

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