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Live Mini-Workshops

Our intro events are mini-workshops that give you effective new ways to navigate love and relationship. These short events have produced amazing results, even miracles. Like Nora and Anton, who had already decided to split up; he was to move out three days later. After attending our event, they canceled their break-up, and rediscovered their love for each other. Inside two hours they saw a totally new possibility for making it work!

All our evenings will present you with mind-altering new ways of looking at love and relationship, and give you practical tools that you can use right away. Your relationship life is meant to be funner, easier, and way more satisfying. Couples and singles alike are welcome.



Crazy Stupid Love

Davis, CA
January 14
1:00 – 3:00 PM

Love is so wonderful we all want it. Except when you lose it, then you go crazy.
Love fills your heart. Except when you don’t have it, then you ache to fill the void.
Love heals all wounds. Except sometimes, love is what causes those same wounds!

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I Loved You Better Before – Why Did You Have to Change?

Vallejo, CA
January 28
1:30 – 3:30 PM

When you first fell in love and courted, your partner was the BEST!
Everything they did seemed bathed in a rosy light and perfection.
Just looking at them sent tingling shivers through your body.
Those were the days, yeah?

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In Love Again

Auburn, CA
February 7
7:00 – 9:30 PM

Remember when you were first in love? When your relationship was fun and easy? When the best thing in your week was spending glorious time together, basking in lovemaking and great conversation?
But now?

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