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Live Mini-Workshops

w/ Sonika & Christian

Our evenings are mini-workshops that give you effective new ways to navigate love and relationship. Often, an evening with us produces amazing results, even miracles. Like Nora and Anton, who had already decided to split up; he was to move out three days later. After attending our evening event, they canceled their break-up, and rediscovered their love for each other. Inside two hours they saw a totally new possibility for making it work!

All our evenings will present you with mind-altering new ways of looking at love and relationship, and give you practical tools that you can use right away. Your relationship life is meant to be funner, easier, and way more satisfying.

Live Tele Seminar: Put Your Marriage Back On Track

Wednesday, April 26
8 pm PT, 11pm ET

There is nothing worse than feeling hopeless, lonely and lost in your relationship. but don’t settle or stop!
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Live Tele Seminar: Single and Ready For Love

Wednesday, April 26
6:30 pm PT, 9:30 pm ET

The shocking but essental mind sift you must make to find the one.
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