Fearless Love

Meet your fear. Tell the truth. Express Yourself.
Let vulnerability crack open your heart.

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The secret to deep fulfillment & connection is inside of you ...


Fearless Love doesn't mean you have no fear. It means you are not stopped by it. You hold hands with fear, and you use it to open your heart, take risks, build relationships, live a good life, and LOVE fully!

Like most people, you are probably busy trying to get rid of your fear. You distract yourself with your favorite screen, career, or hobby. You work hard to meet goals, acquire money and achieve your dreams. You do your best to make yourself and your loved ones happy. More often than not, you get caught up in the logistical details of life.

But your life feels meaningless, devoid of purpose and passion. Your relationships are shallow. Your heart is closed off and your love ungiven. You feel like something really BIG is missing.

Everything you want exists outside your comfort zone!
The door to that passion you crave? It lives smack dab in the middle of your fear!
That awakened state you long for? It is behind the door of your closed heart!
That experience of heaven you seek? It is in the truths you don't say or hear!
The way out is through.
Instead of fixing, resisting, ignoring, numbing, fiddling with, controlling, changing, distracting, fighting, despairing, drugging, pathologizing, working, yelling, wishing it all away; meet that which you are most afraid of! Meet it in the present moment like a long lost friend. There, you will find freedom, deep love and that place some call heaven!
Fearless Love promises to support you to find the impassioned aliveness and blissful love you crave, in your life and your relationships.
This workshop is for you if:
- Your heart is too closed off from fear and past hurts.
- Your mind is confined by your current reality.
- Your body habitually seeks comfort at the expense of your aliveness.
- And your soul, in the face of blind living, desperately hungers to soar freely.
In this two day training, you are invited to:
- Quit sleep walking through your life.
- Quit fighting in your relationships.
- Quit holding back your love to protect yourself from pain.
- Lean in and listen to the whispers of your heart.
- Face your worst fears.
- Say what you really feel and know is true and watch truth work its magic.
Fearless Love is for people who dare to go deep and live a bold life with their hearts cracked open. It is for YOU if you want to quit living a protected careful boring life.
It is NOT for you if don’t want to confront where you hold yourself back or keep yourself stuck, if you don’t want to look squarely at your lifelong obsession with being a victim of circumstance and your deep resignation and lack of faith in the universe, or if you are afraid to say and hear deep truths and inner knowings.
But if you want to live a fearless life with your heart wide open and your mind wide awake, and you want to step fully into a space of unlimited living with access to divine guidance, you are invited to join us. 
A fraction of what we will cover in this heart-cracking workshop:
  • The transparency track to love and enlightenment
  • Healing your closed heart with loving presence
  • Breaking through fears and limits and creating new possibilities
  • Awakened practices for creating extraordinary experiences out of ordinary times
  • The key role of play and laughter in releasing resistance
  • The transformative connecting magic of allowing and following feelings and truth without interference
  • Replacing deep-seated victim with power
  • Building community, cultivating intimacy and experiencing deeper love by BEING FULLY YOURSELF
By the end of the weekend, you will be much better able to:
  • See mistakes, flaws, imperfections and chaos as divine perfection and beauty
  • Be able to allow all deep feelings to move through without judgment or resistance
  • Have increased freedom to fully express without censorship or moderation
  • Awaken to the extraordinariness of the moment
  • Know rituals for calling in presence and love  
  • Feel more relaxed, accepting, open, connected and present
  • Open your heart wider to fearless love
  • Have deeper trust in Spirit
Workshop Fee: $500
Member specials:
Current or past Mastery Program members: $250
Lifetime Members: $200
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This course will take place in Auburn, in the heart of California's Gold Country.
Saturday-Sunday, September 16-17, 2017
Saturday 9 AM - 10 PM; Sunday 9 AM - 6 PM.
Please register right away to secure your seat in what promises to be a deep, moving, transformative experience.

Live the Life You Were BORN to Live!!

Open Your Heart. Trust. Risk. Don't Let Your Fear Win!