Seeing Through the Eyes of Love

Eva, a woman who attended our Give Yourself to Love weekend, said after the first day, “I made love with God last night. The only difference with the man in my bed, was me!”

Another woman on the verge of divorce said, “After the first four hours this weekend, I got everything I wanted. We are back in love with each other. It’s like night and day. He hasn’t been affectionate with me for 8 years. He couldn’t keep his hands off of me this weekend. Something really opened up in him and healed him this weekend.” read more

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“I’m Afraid of Her Anger”

In preparation for the upcoming men’s retreat, I’ve been talking a lot lately about how we as men lose our power with women.

After the last blog post I put out, Chris sent me this email about his girlfriend: read more

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Men Lose Their Power With Women, Part 2


Last week, I sent out a video about men losing power with women (here ).

Definitely struck a nerve. The day after, Brian sent me this email …

“Wow, what timing! I was just telling a friend of mine, “I want my power back!” Just like in your video, we talked about exposing my vulnerable spots and my emotions to her. read more

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Common Mistakes Couples Make in Fights

When we fight or are stressed in relationship, we engage in a variety of protective postures and activities. We scream, pout, run away, shut down, cry, plead, deny, analyze, etc. Each of these moves are designed to reduce the discomfort we feel. However, there are many things we do or say when hurt, angry or afraid that actually make matters worse in the heat of an argument. Here are just a few of the most common mistakes people make when upset or triggered that escalate fights. read more

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“Why should I change? Why should I change for HER?”

Hi,Christian Pedersen here … When I talk to men about marriage and relationship, I often get a reaction like this:

“Why should I change? Why should I change for HER?”

Which is actually a really good question. I’d like to offer you two answers to it. read more

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Men Lose Their Power With Women

During any given year, I engage with hundreds of men, in private life coaching, in our workshops, and in men’s work. And one thing I consistently find is this:

Men lose their power with women! read more

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I Want More – You Don’t!

When Christian and I first began our long-distance relationship (with me in California and him in Denmark), I found myself toggling between pulling on him for more connection, and appreciating what we had. read more

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Why Do Woman Leave Their Husbands

Divorce statistics hover between 50% and 73% (from first to third marriages).
But, did you know that women are more likely than men to initiate divorce?

Michael Rosenfeld, an associate professor of sociology at Stanford University, examined data from Stanford’s 2009-2015 “How Couples Meet and Stay Together” project, a nationally representative longitudinal study of relationships and breakups. * While breakups between unmarried couples were gender neutral — men were just as likely as women to initiate them — when it came to divorce, Rosenfeld found that wives initiated 69 percent of splits, compared to 31 percent of men. ** read more

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Why do we misunderstand each other so easily?

No one thinks, feels or sees the world the same. For one, we all have unique experiences and stories. On top of that, we have differing inherent personalities and values that result in diverse interpretations, preferences and behaviors. As a result, there are no two people who are alike in what they do, how they think or feel or what they care about. And that, flat-out, means miscommunications in relationship are inevitable. read more

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Fearless Love

An interesting thing happens when you love somebody.
You get scared that the relationship will change and the love will stop.

Love and fear go together. In fact, the deeper the love, the deeper the fear. read more

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