Average Is The New Failure June 5, 2017 - As a coach, over and over again I witness successful people with great lives and loving relationships lament their failure because they don’t measure up to some outside image of what they think they need to be happy. Many couples … Continue reading
Relationships Shouldn’t Be So Hard (and don’t actually need to be) May 29, 2017 - FOR A LOT OF GUYS, intimate relationships are hard work! It’s uncomfortable, way too emotional, and you’d rather just not deal with it at all, and hope it’ll work itself out. After all, she normally returns to her senses after … Continue reading
Not Enough May 9, 2017 - “I am not enough.” “I am not supported.” “No one loves me.” “I am too much.” We all have some negative self-talk that lives in us. Almost every single person will tell you when they’re being deeply honest, that they … Continue reading
He Wanted to Buy a Boat. She Didn’t. March 31, 2017 - He wanted to buy a boat. She didn’t. She preferred saving the little bit of money they had left over every month until they had enough saved up before buying something extravagant like a boat. He didn’t want to wait. … Continue reading
When You Just Can’t Agree February 28, 2017 - She wanted an open relationship, but he didn’t. After months of endless processing, he finally relented. Reluctantly, he allowed her to date others, and at some point, finally went out on a date of his own. He fell in love … Continue reading

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